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Get a Trade and Get Ahead

Any student looking to write a thesis on ‘jobs which don't exist any more' will not be short of material. Cloth cleaner, rat catcher, switchboard operator and town crier disappeared decades or centuries ago, while other, present day occupations such as newspaper photographer and milkman are rarely-spotted beasts indeed. It […]

Travel and living

The Rhinos in The Kruger Park

As the third-largest land mammal, the rhino is an integral part of the Kruger Park safari experience. However, the unprecedented number of rhinos being poached owing to a demand for their horns in Asian countries such as Vietnam means that they’re facing extinction. This article examines the differences between South […]

Connect With History

Help Your Kids to Connect With History

For many kids, history is something that happened long before they were born, or something that only shows up in the pages of a classroom textbook. If you want to help your kids connect with history, or take a greater interest in this fascinating subject, here are a few ideas […]


Common Theories About Time

For most of us, time isn't really something to think about. Time is what we see when glance at our wrist watches on the way to a meeting or when we're reminded of our cuckoo clocks' song each hour, but time is much more complex and fickle than you think. […]