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The ABCs of Designing a Great Landing Page

coloured-web-adress-1242089There is no exact formula to make a perfect landing page. However, there are several ways to increase the chances of making a perfect one. Landing pages are one of the best ways to highlight services, products or promotions. The way they are constructed is the key to achieve great results.

Getting quality traffic to websites has never been easy. With PPC, SEO, email marketing, social media, photo marketing, display ads and mobile ads, the list keeps on growing. The consumers are fast learning ways to automatically tune out things that are not interesting. This is making businesses spend more, be creative and pull out all possible strategies to capture consumer attention.

Why do we see terrible conversion rate with so many tools at our disposal? The culprit is none other than the landing page.

The purpose of the landing page is converting the visitors coming through marketing campaigns as fast as possible. The business landing pages are not apt at meeting the expectation of the visitors. In most cases, businesses simply drive people to the homepage. This is not a good idea. The purpose of the landing page is different from the home page.

Let's check out on the aspects that make up a commendable landing page.

Opt for Clean and Organized Design

The feel, look and the overall structure have a significant role to play in the effectiveness of the landing page and how well it is at driving conversions. The chief goal of the landing page is making it easy for the visitors to convert. Thus, it is vital to ensure that all the pages work in unison towards conversion, regardless of whether it is making a purchase, filling up a form, or downloading ebooks.

Effective landing page designs make smart use of colors and eye-catching images. Some button colors like red and green increase the conversion rate. However, ensure a strong contrast between the background and the button color.

Be Minimalist

Maintain a clean page with obvious and natural navigation free from distraction.

A good landing page will provide all essential information necessary to convert the visitors but nothing extra. Too much information can overwhelm the visitors. The information that is included in the landing page must be easy to scan. Good landing page copies incorporate bullet points for explaining details whenever possible. The visitors are well aware of the fact that they can scroll down to get more details. Don't be afraid to add more descriptions.

A proper landing page will maintain an attractive and clean visual impression while allowing visitors the desired information in a non-intrusive way. You can use video on landing pages to add more information without overwhelming your visitors.

Include a Clear Call to Action

The call to action button instructs the visitors what should they do. It can be anything that will help people to move further along the conversion funnel. Make sure to ask them clearly. Never distract them with other requests.

  1. Considerations for Strategy

This is an extremely powerful area. Test the size, color and the placement of the button.

  1. Considerations for Design
  • Make sure the call to action is displayed at least once in a visually distinct and centralized manner. Never make people guess what they should click on.
  • Incorporate visual cues like images or arrows to draw attention.
  • If there are other CTAs on the page, de-emphasize them to pull all attention towards the primary CTA.
  • If there is content below the fold, repeat CTA.

Incorporate Trust Signals

A good landing page will make adequate use of trust signals. The trust signals indicate the visitors that a given brand or offer is trustworthy. The trust signals manifest themselves in different forms ranging from testimonials that are a classic form of trust signal to the word of mouth usage that reassures visitors with endorsements from customers or past clients.

Trust badges are yet another powerful tool implemented by effective landing pages. Trust badges often refer to logos of well-known brands, recognitions and endorsements you have received, and coalitions and groups you are a member of. They are endorsements of your skill and trustworthiness.

Include Eye Catching Headlines

Most landing pages use the chief headline to confirm the offer; the subheads are used to explain the issue or subject in hand in detail.

One of the very first things that the visitor will go through, the landing page headlines should never bore or confuse but compel the visitors to take a closer look. Addressing a point related to the website's content will help to catch the attention of readers much better than an uninteresting and vague headline.

There are several ways to organize a landing page. Though most landing pages are single step, two-step designs are quite effective as well. The two step landing pages will include a call to action on the first page. This will be followed by a form in the second page. The length of the landing page is dependent on the page's purpose. Both the short and the long landing pages can be equally effective. The highest converting landing pages are the traditional ones with the body content at the left and the form at the right. With the landing page, you can get really creative and try out several things as they are not integrated with the rest of the website. Give yourself some freedom and try out different ways to communicate your message.

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