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7 Tips to Develop Alluring Portfolio for your Clients

What's on your website which is first seen by your client?

Your Content? No.

Your Address? No.

Your Blog? No.

It's your Portfolio page which is the base of your trust that you are going to offer to them. Prior to scrolling onto your website, a client firstly ensures that their requirement can be fully provided by hiring your team. Your expertise, your experience and your broad knowledge scope can only be seen from the work which you have done.

But interestingly, with only showing the heap of completed projects will let the client land onto your door, but you need to showcase your portfolio in an eye-catching format. So, following are few solid tips that will help you to present the best even portfolio to your clients and ensure an in-depth trust flow from their end.

Opt your Strongest Work: It's not like adding the whole bunch of projects done by you, regardless how simple or complex they were. Instead, prefer to add only those projects which can show the strongest of your capabilities and make you unique amongst your rivals.

Mix your multiple Talents: Presenting only those projects which displays only one of your talents is totally waste of time. Prefer to add such projects which can display your wide knowledge scope and your hidden talent as well. It will not only attract your client, but will also present your different workplaces.

Limit your Showcased Projects: It's really appreciable if you are having a big list of successful projects done. But it will not anyhow entertain your clients. Prefer to show only a limited number of projects in your portfolio. For this, you can even paginate your portfolio, which will help your portfolio to be distributed in different pages without hampering user-experience.

Select HD images: Image quality matters a lot while visiting any portfolio. With low quality Images, visitor will exit your website without making any query. It will result in increasing of Bounce rate as well as decrement of user-engagement. So, it is suggested to upload HD images while presenting your workspace in front of the customers.

Update Actively: Be active when it comes to updating your portfolio. With an un-updated profile, here is less change of user to client conversion. So, try to regularly update the portfolio with your recently completed tasks. Prefer to show latest projects at the top, followed by the later ones.

Select the Right Theme: The design is what performs half of your work. Prior to finalizing your website, check out whether you need a unique theme for your portfolio or not? The points like flat/material design are highly demanded. So select one such theme which is equipped with such traits.

Avoid Flash or Animation: In today's era, a visitor doesn't demand a portfolio filled with flash and animated works. Instead, they require a clean and clear showcase where all your important projects are showcased.

So, with these simple yet sold tips, you are ready to present yourself in front of your clients and seal your deal.

What else can be done to design an awesome portfolio? Share your views and suggestions in the comment section below.

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