The Many Uses of 3D Printing

3dWith the 3D Printing creating a buzz throughout the tech-o-sphere, other industries are still wondering how these advanced ink technologies can prove valuable to their industries. It is obvious that 3D printing can be of great value in architecture, engineering and automotive facets, however, industries such as the Fashion do not usually come to mind when thinking about this innovative technology. Imagine having the ability to print your clothes?

An obvious example of an industry that cuts costs and speeds up processes is manufacturing. Product prototypes can be printed and tested several times using different sizing, changing angles, testing useability and actually being able to touch the product without going through the expensive process of making the actual product. This would save a lot of time and money while in the testing phase. The possibilities are endless in this industry. However a great compliment to this would be the uses in advertising. So now that the prototype is created, you can easily use 3D printing to develop actual size models and even with working parts. Why is this important? You can now easily pitch the product to others using this lifelike model to pitch to investors BEFORE going through the expense of manufacturing. If you are able to gain an interest from investors you can send some samples out to trade shows and stores to get consumers trying out the product and giving their feedback. This would be a huge cost savings since the product developer can have a product which will fit the consumers needs and will have already created a buzz before launching.

Also, think about all of the swag that you receive when attending a trade show or event and think of how 3D printing helps companies to take full control of their collateral by being able to print them on the spot? Imagine Disney being able to put your child’s face onto a Disney princess doll that you purchase as a souvenir? Or at a classic car show being able to make a toy size replica of your favorite car? What better way to commemorate your time at the event then a picture. You could even have a replica made of yourself.

There is still a lot of controversy surrounding the printing of guns that actually fire. The problem here is that material can be used which are not detected by metal detectors and this can cause a threat to public safety. This is a huge worry and there have been talks of blocking the gun designs from the printers, however, this is usually a task that most hackers are able to get around. The receiver is the piece to the puzzle that most government regulations ban the creation of since it is the part that actually makes the weapon work. And what do these printed guns fire? Well 3D printed bullets of course. Could this cause a pandemonium of illegal gun printing in our near future? This is to be determined.


Even though this has caused an uproar, there are so many benefits to using this technology for good. Cost savings, the ability to see things before going through the expense of making them, and much more. With that being said, companies should start researching areas in which they could benefit from using 3D printing. The more creative they are the more use they will be able to find.

To prove that there are many uses for 3D printing in even the most unconventional of places Bere is a great info graphic which shows the many uses of this technology in other industries that many have not even considered:

The Possibilties of a 3D Printer Infographic

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