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Staying Fit after Cosmetic Breast Surgery

You worked so hard to get that rocking bod, special diet and regular, daily exercises have become an integral part of your life. No wonder you're a bit worried about the rather long (for an active person, this probably feels like ages) post-surgical period of recuperation now that you have […]


Cool Yoga Poses for Improving Your Surf Skills

Nothing ruins a surf vacation like constantly wiping out and never catching the waves you want. It highlights a weakness on your part. The chances are it's either your muscle power or balance which is letting you down. Believe it or not yoga can really help you develop your power […]


Swimming Is Cheap and Good For Your Health

A lot of children, and adults, are put off sport for financial reasons. The mounting costs of all of the equipment just leaves parents with no way of funding their children's hobbies and they are forced to leave their clubs and go back to the sofa and the television. With […]