Staying Fit after Cosmetic Breast Surgery

staying fitYou worked so hard to get that rocking bod, special diet and regular, daily exercises have become an integral part of your life. No wonder you're a bit worried about the rather long (for an active person, this probably feels like ages) post-surgical period of recuperation now that you have decided to undergo breast augmentation surgery. This means that you are in for several weeks of resting and inaction combined with potential swelling, bruises and drainage.

However, there's no room for panic since there's a way to cryofeeze your lovely figure and remain in best shape possible in the meantime. Still, remember that proper healing and your health are number one priority, so don't exert yourself and risk creating an adverse effect. Luckily, we are here to guide you through the process safely.

First Couple of Weeks

Let's start off by saying that complete idleness is not recommended, as it may lead to blood cloths, thrombosis or pulmonary embolism in the worst case. On the other hand, don't take this as a green light to jump hurdles and do heavy-lifting. The best is to start with simple walking routine, an hour or two at first, to get the machine running.

Dr Dona, renowned expert in breast augmentation surgery in Sydney, gave an expert advice, and he told us that we actually benefit more from the low-intensity long walks in the calorie department. Keep your diet diverse and rich in vitamins and other nutrients. No skipping meals and lifting anything heavier than 5 lbs.

Taking it slow

After two weeks or so you may return to some mild exercises that must be approved by your doctor. Don't just decide on your own that you've recovered and rush into things. Boring as it may be, walking is still in the game. Enrich your daily activity list with a visit to the aerobics sessions, but start with light-impact lower-body type, and work from there slowly. Once past the three week mark, bring back the spice in your love life by resuming sexual activities that would definitely burn some extra calories.

Half-Way There

We have consulted the professionals to suggest some real deal exercises that are fit for the post-breast surgery patients that are also eager to start with something at least close to their standard M.O. Elliptical minus the arms is allowed, as well as moderate tempo biking without uphill extravagance. Stretching is inevitable if you want to keep the joints smooth at all times, and back and pectoral muscles are in need of gently stretches in this period. Perform some side neck stretching too that would increase general movability and avoid stiffness. Get you pall weights but just for leg reps for starters.

Back in the Saddle

working out

The time has finally come, 5-6, and for some 7-8 weeks later after surgery you can truly enjoy your favorite workout combo. Still, gradually allow yourself and your body to embrace the exertion your old routine demands. Dumbbell and cable rows are in the house again! Start with the incline chest press and triceps kick back. Go easy with overhead exercises.

Appropriate Attire

Two words: sports bra. Aim for quality pieces that provide the structure without unpleasant pressure. Next, opt for fabrics that combat sweat and breathe well. Don't be stingy here, a good bra is worth a bit higher price.

Health and Beauty

Act prudently when your body and health are in question. Don't disregard the restrictions and limitation as they exist only to help you. Lastly, enjoy your awesome bust and a matching killer figure, you deserved it!

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