Why Should You Give the Elliptical Cross Trainer a Try?

Is regular running and lifting becoming too monotonous for you? When we begin working out, we have the enthusiasm to complete the circuits, even when they are repetitive and utterly predictable. The fresh energy helps us pull through the regimen for a couple of weeks before the boredom begins to set in. If that is what you are experiencing right now, you should try spicing up your exercise routine with whole-body fitness routines popularly known as cross training among the fitness enthusiasts. It is a combination of strength training, flexibility exercises and aerobics to enhance muscle building and fat burning.

Have you been to the gym or the local fitness centre recently? Then you must have noticed the sudden increase in the number of elliptical cross trainers. These offer the benefit of low-intensity workout in combination with whole-body exercises. The baby boomers swear by these cross trainers since they provide the benefit of a full-body work out along with aerobic exercises. It is perfect for ageing joints, people with old injuries and those, who are taking their baby steps towards working out. However, cross trainers are not just for the ageing population. It is perfect for the regular office goers and homemakers, who do not have enough time or energy at the end of the day to go out for a run.

Here are the seven benefits of hopping on the elliptical machines –

Complete low impact workout for every age

These elliptical trainers are a blessing in the life of the millennial office goers. They can reduce stress and the strain on your limbs via an elliptical motion. So, if you are on your feet for the majority of the time, you need to think about getting an elliptical cross trainer for your home. We know how tiring it can feel to step out of the house and into the gym on weekdays, so renting a cross trainer is one of the best fitness ideas ever. Did you know? Running is a high-impact workout that exerts 2.5-times the body weight of the runners on their legs. On the other hand, the elliptical motion and the simple walking combine to provide the best effects of running, without putting your legs through the stress. Visit to learn more about the different ways baby boomers can benefit from working out on cross trainers.

Mimicking the natural motion of the leg and foot

Cross trainers pose no reverse action. The engineers and fitness experts assure that a cross trainer follows the natural path of the hip, knee and ankle joints while jogging, running and walking. The latest ergonomic models come with articulate foot pedals that provide complete body support and reduce the strain on your lower limbs. These advanced trainers allow the user to customise the angle of the elliptical stride by adjusting the pedal. They match your pace, so you don’t have to worry about the excessive force you might be exerting on your feet and ankle joints.

Workout for the upper body and the lower body

There are not many regimes and equipment types that can make this claim. An elliptical trainer is perfect for training your upper body and your lower body at the same time. If you take a round of your gym floor, it is unlikely that you will find any other equipment that works for so many muscle groups at one go. It gives you the benefit of a dual action workout, and it distributes the effectiveness of the impact evenly across your upper and lower bodies. While you are on an elliptical trainer, you can equally work out your chest, triceps, biceps, back, glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings. So, always remember to put equivalent resistance on your upper and lower body while working out, don’t just mimic the motions with the upper handlebars.

Burn more calories, lose more weight

Elliptical cross trainers work more muscles than any other machines. It can optimise your energy expenses. While on the cross trainer, you can burn more calories in less time. That is the beauty of this simple, yet holistic machine. Experts suggest that there is a gross reduction in the perceived rate of working out and exertion, which inspires people to continue for longer durations and higher intensities. Thus, if you have been working out on the elliptical trainer for some time now, you may have been expending more calories than you perceive.

Reduces boredom and makes workout enjoyable

Just like treadmills, these elliptical trainers come with various programmes and settings. The ones with digital screens can monitor your daily progress. They can mimic hill climbing for your body, or interval training routines through alternating resistance programmes. Several ellipticals come with wireless heart rate monitoring, and calorie tracking controls. These enable users to optimise their workout according to their metabolism levels. In these cases, the heart rate of the user sets the resistance level of the exercise.

Elliptical trainers call for lower maintenance than treadmills

Treadmills often require intensive cleaning and maintenance. You might need to take the belt and deck apart to give them a thorough cleaning. Elliptical trainers demand significantly low maintenance. They have fewer moving parts, and therefore it requires service less often. With cross trainers, you won’t have to worry about motors, rollers, belts, decks and the bearings burning out.

Easy to adjust pedals reduce awkwardness

Some people do find hopping on the elliptical awkward and funny due to the elliptical exercise. Many prefer simple walking or running to dual action elliptical, but they never enjoy the benefit of whole body workout on a single day by exercising for just 20 to 30 minutes. You must know that most modern elliptical trainers have diverse width settings for pedals and you can set them according to the comfort of your feet and ankle joints.

Before you invest in new training equipment for home, give your local fitness centre a quick visit. Try the elliptical trainer, learn the different settings, and find your comfortable spot. If you are not ready for a significant financial commitment right away, you can always rent one with the necessary specifications for home use.

If you have any questions, please ask below!