Top Proofreading Apps and Sites for Writers and Bloggers

Writing an error-free essay, article, blog, or even news is a tough job for every writer. Both bloggers and professional writers are aware of how important quality content is to attract wide range readers. Writers spend a lot of time deciding on the topic that will suit their target audience, creating rough drafts, and then writing the final article.

However, the most tedious task is the proofreading part. It is as essential as the basic needs of humans. Proofreading helps the writers or bloggers to improve the quality of their content. For writers who are not native English speakers, it is vital that they often check their content and look for mistakes on active and passive voice or verb tense.


This online proofreading tool points grammatical errors like Passive Voice, spelling mistakes, Complex Expression, and Redundant Expression. Writers can edit the mistakes accordingly,

If the writer wants professionals proofreaders, they’ll cost them depending on the deadline they set.


There are so many times that a blogger or writer forget to include single punctuation mark on their content because their train of thoughts continue to flow.

This is why Hemingway App is badly needed. It helps the writers to identify long, complex, and redundant phrases on their content, and put the punctuation needed. Hemingway App is able to simply each sentence and phrase to make them meaningful.

Ivona Text-to-Speech

For writers who are Android users and always on the go, but need to proofread their content, Ivona Text-to-Speech can help them.

One of the tricks in conventional proofreading is reading your work out loud so mistakes will be heard, and this is Ivona Text-to-Speech comes in action. Writers can hear their spelling errors and awkward phrases or sentences. It is highly recommended that writers listen to their content.

Writers need to install the Ivona Reader app and enable the Talkback feature. It has natural sounding, accurate and easy-to-understand voices.

For students who frequently struggle with grammar issues on their academic papers, this writing service has the most professional proofreading assistance. Their resident professional proofreaders are ready to help students (college, PhD) in elevating the quality and style of writing. The site helps both students and writers to spend long hours in proofreading.

Google Docs Consistency Checker

If a writer spend time composing a content on Google Docs, it is recommended to install an add-on called Google Docs Consistency Checker. The add-on focuses on checking the consistency of longer content. It helps the writer to maintain the consistency needed for documents. Consistency Checker points out inconsistencies in hyphenation, spelling, numerals, abbreviations, and alike.

It is an intelligent online proofreader that checks the style, grammar, misused words, and spelling. If a writer uses WordPress as an avenue for blogging, it is available on and in libraries, plugins, add-ons, and extensions for a variety of platforms.

This online proofreading tool is quite impressive because it can check subtle errors that were not found by any other tools. It also suggests on the right punctuation marks that should be used on sentences or paragraphs. It has a limit of 2000 characters unless you choose to register. SpellCheckPlus is available for purchase in iPhone and Android devices too.

Although nothing beats the manual proofreading or asking a colleague of yours to check your content, these online writing tools are helpful to begin proofreading documents, blogs, or articles. They are too quick to find grammatical or spelling errors that writers tend to overlook most of the time. However, check also all the suggested grammatical errors and decide whether you should revise it or not.

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