How to Find Competent Developers in 2019-2020

The last quarter of 2019 is leaving the IT industry with a big question. With new innovations set to take the industry by storm in 2020, will there be competent developers available to handle this paradigm shift? Will it be easy to identify and hire such individuals capable of handling these new trends that might prompt a different approach towards things? There has to be a strategy in place when you hire dedicated developers. Without one, it will be very hard to find software developers online.

Following a pre-defined and pre-meditated strategy helps sort the conundrum of finding the most relevant developer. Whether freelance, remote, in-house, full-time, part-time or any other type, you will be able to identify the one who will do your job.

Make best use of referrals: Referrals can come from existing employees, associates, family and friends and business partners and as a matter of fact anyone from your existing network. Go asking for referrals and get others to ask for more such. Someone from the other side recommending your name can be even better. All you’ll have to do is soak in the popularity.

Attend developer conferences and meet-ups: Nothing beats these when you set out to hire dedicated developers. Use Google to search for an annual developer conference or a tech meet-up. Keeping in mind the skill-set you are looking for will make it easy to find software developers online.

Use Stack Overflow to the Fullest: Your search on how to find a developer to build an app will more often than not lead you to Stack Overflow. Stack Overflow happens to be one of the largest communities in the world for developers. The whole space will be buzzing with technological trends for 2020 and developers skilled at handling them. Make full use of it. Post something on the job board and then monitor everyone who applies for the position.

LinkedIn: Perhaps the most tried and tested website of our times, it indeed is a fantastic search engine to find software developers online. As you search through the website to hire dedicated developers, you get to look through resumes/CVs, explore the candidate and decide informally whom to contact.

Quora: Developers share their knowledge on Quora and visiting the website will open you up to topics that are of your interest. The topics can be related to job or to a tech stack. This is the ideal platform to connect with developers open to employment opportunities and keep on exploring more technologies.

Medium publications: Medium publications happen are where developers like to share what they are passionate about. They are actually great to search for ideal developer candidates based on their area of expertise or tech stack. Also, Medium Posts cover a huge variety of software. So when you get into discussions, you are bound to always run into someone who has worked with whatever stack you happen to use. Hacker Noon and Free Code Camp are two such publications.

Facebook Groups: Whether you wish to hire dedicated developers or freelancers, you will find both of these that too within your area. Such is the power of Facebook Groups. Massive geographical barriers all of a sudden begin to look small. Most groups are controlled by moderators and require approval from them to join. Once you get that, engage with the community and discuss your requirement. This should help you find software developers online capable of working on your task.

Paid Ads: Direct advertising, or paid ads, help target developers with a specific skillset with a lot of ease. Paid ads help you set up interviews that ultimately help decide whether the developer is suited for the job or not. Though the costs are a bit upfront, nonetheless the method is a tried and tested one assuring results as soon as possible. Developers working remotely and charging on an hourly basis can be spoken to, in case their case qualifies appropriately for recruitment.

Explore coding challenge websites: Developers successful in these are more often than not featured on the website and if searched for by specific skill set, can in all likelihood be identified and judged for the job. One looking for capable developers must search the forums, blog and leaderboards sections of such websites.

Reaching out to professional recruiters: When nothing else works, this does. It may be a paid service, but certainly is something worth it. If you have the budget for it, the investment will definitely pay off in the longer run. They handle everything at their end, from interviewing to deciding what the perfect candidate will look like for you.

Job Boards: They are quite speedy. You will quickly identify developers looking for a job, perhaps even remote workers willing to work on an hourly basis. There are so many of them, Angel List, Dice, Monster, The Ladders, Mashable, Indeed etc. just to name a few. Some of these happen to be specific to tech jobs, making the task easy for you to identify the right candidates.

Explore Hiring Marketplaces: The best thing about hiring marketplaces is the vetting process and how companies find it easy to collect information. This way, candidates can be qualified faster and the decision making process sped-up. On most marketplaces, a job announcement can be posted and candidates can be reviewed. This makes it easy to decide who fits the bill and who doesn’t. Some of the most preferred ones include Hired, Triplebyte, Crunchboard, Skillgigs and Product Hunt.

Staffing Agencies: This is the wisest choice in cases where local talent is being scouted for. There are agencies that look into other aspects involved in the hiring process as well, such as screening, interviewing and other activities. Remote hiring is one of the aspects, where candidates work for a set number of hours and bill organizations accordingly. This model of hiring is easy on the organization as well as they do not have to incur full monthly salaries.

This information should help organizations in general find suitable and competent developers for the year 2020 to make it truly memorable for the industry and concerned individuals.

If you have any questions, please ask below!