Top 7 differences between Public and Private cloud

In order to take advantage of a technological solution, you will first need to understand it well and this becomes necessary especially if you are running a business. You can’t be 100% dependent upon your employees for taking advantage of any type of technological solution because as a business owner, you will always have to take things in your hand. Well, there are many technological solutions that will take you many months to understand it in a detailed manner but then there are those technological solutions that are very easy to understand like cloud computing.

Cloud computing is no more a new kid on the block but when you will enter into the world of cloud computing, you will realize that it is a far cry from what you have imagined. Cloud computing might have become a panacea for all the modern-day business issues but in order to take its advantage, you will have to understand it first. Well, one of the main decisions that you will need to make while entering the world of cloud computing is to zero down the available types of cloud computing solutions and choose the best one.

Well, one such decision that you will have to make is between public cloud and private cloud. If you are thinking that we are going to discuss which one is better then you are completely wrong as both the cloud types have their own advantages and disadvantages, rather we are going to discuss the basic difference between these two types of cloud computing platforms so that you can choose the best one according to your current business needs.

So, let’s drill into the top 7 differences between public and private cloud so that you can choose an impeccable solution for your business without any hassle.

Number of clients

One of the basic differences between public cloud and private cloud is regarding the number of clients. You should know that in the public cloud, the resource is shared among multiple people and this is why there are always multiple clients on the public cloud but in the private cloud, the whole resource is dedicated to a single person and that’s why it always has a single client.


In the case of the public cloud, the server and the whole IT infrastructure are always located off-premise since the IT infrastructure is never owned by a user, it is always owned by a cloud hosting provider. But in the case of private cloud, the server and the whole IT infrastructure are mostly located on-premise and in some cases, it can be located off-premise as well.

It overhead

You will surely need to pour in lots of money if you are planning to go for the private cloud. You will need to have a proper IT team and the overall maintenance cost will be on you. But that is not the case with the public cloud and this is one of the most important reasons why IT overhead is very much less in the public cloud and it is preferred by small and medium-sized businesses.


When it comes to customization then the private cloud is far ahead of the public cloud. In the case of a private cloud, you will have a full customization option since the whole server is owned by you. But in the case of the public cloud, you will be offered very little customization since the resource of the cloud server is shared with many other users as well.

Setup cost

In terms of setup cost, the public cloud is a clear winner as there is no need to build a complete IT setup and you will only have to pay the cloud fee to the cloud hosting provider. But when you will look at the private server, then the setup cost is very high since you will need to build the whole IT infrastructure from scratch. Businesses with only a high budget are able to opt for a private cloud.


Since the burden of IT infrastructure will be on you in the private cloud, you will also have to provide all the hardware required in building the IT infrastructure. You should know that in the case of a public server, you never have to worry about providing the hardware since the cloud vendor takes care of all the things and you just have to focus on using the server.

The overall cost to the company

When you will look at the overall cost to the company then you will always find the private cloud to be more expensive. It will involve the IT employe’s cost and it will also involve the maintenance cost. But when you will look at the public cloud then you will find it to be very less expensive since there is no IT maintenance cost and no IT infrastructure setup cost.

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