Why Hybrid Cloud Hosting Is Becoming the Preferred Hosting Option For Indian Companies

There is a growing trend among Indian companies to shift to hybrid cloud from private cloud according to recent independent research studies. The key reasons or this shift seems to be enhanced performance and better control that hybrid cloud system offers. It is also believed by many entrepreneurs that hybrid cloud delivers results in a highly reliable manner. They also view this option as a cost-effective way of moving to the cloud.

Hybrid vs. Public Cloud

It is evident from reports that hybrid cloud is clearly gaining in popularity at the cost of private cloud among Indian companies. The number of organizations turning to hybrid cloud option is almost equal to the decline in number of private cloud users over a period of time. This leaves no doubt in the mind of researchers that there is a definite transition taking place from private cloud to hybrid cloud.

Server hosting experts specializing in cloud technology are not surprised that this is happening. In fact, they long expected this development. They are positive that there will be more instances of shifting from private to hybrid cloud over a period of time in the future. They point out the multiple benefits and advantages that hybrid cloud offers as one of the prime reasons for this steadily growing popularity of hybrid cloud.

Better Operational Freedom And Improved Security

The features and properties of hybrid cloud are such that it can provide users immense freedom while deploying workloads. A high level of security and scalability is also an inherent component of hybrid cloud system. However, it is clear from the survey that current users have not given up entirely on private cloud as a large percentage of private cloud customers believe that it is a less risky option when compared to third-party companies and conventional hosting solutions.


According to a recent survey, there are four key reasons why companies are making the shift from private cloud to hybrid cloud. These are:

  • Private cloud delivers improved performance
  • It offers enhanced control over key operations
  • It is highly reliability that most other hosting solutions
  • It is a cost-effective way of enjoying quality cloud hosting features

Most companies who are using private cloud now, believe that they can achieve better performance from making a shift to hybrid cloud. A large percentage of users are of the opinion that they will enjoy better control over critical hosting related operations with hybrid cloud than private cloud. Companies dealing with sensitive data and looking for a cloud hosting option that delivers higher reliability believe that hybrid hosting can deliver their security needs better than private cloud.

A Cost Effective Cloud-Based Hosting Solution

Companies operating on a tight budget and looking for cost-effective hosting solutions are weighing the option of using private and hybrid cloud. The research says that they tend to lean towards hybrid cloud because of lower operational and maintenance costs associated with this option when compared to private cloud.

Cloud server users have an inherent fear about security of their system despite impressive progress on this front in cloud-based technology. Many users are of the opinion that when it comes to security of their data and information, hybrid cloud does a far more impressive job than private cloud. With security still forming the cornerstone of all cloud related operations, this can be a crucial factor when it comes to influencing opinion about whether to choose private cloud or hybrid cloud for your website and apps hosting needs.

Less Complex Transition Process

A large number of transitions to hybrid cloud system have happened solely because companies believe that they can enjoy better connectivity and minimize downtime with hybrid cloud system. The complex process of moving from public to private cloud and the relative ease with which the can make a transition to hybrid cloud could be another key reason for the growing number of hybrid cloud subscribers in India.

Many public cloud server users opine that shifting to private cloud involves a high level of difficulty in the process of integrating existing IT products and updating current infrastructure. Another major challenge is in preparing employees in acquiring the IT skills needed to handle private cloud server. These challenges are there with hybrid cloud servers too but on a much diluted scale. The benefits of using hybrid cloud are more than the challenges associated with implementing, running, managing and maintaining private or public cloud servers.

It is evident from the research that hybrid cloud is fast becoming the flavor of the season for a growing number of Indian companies. Experts are skeptical whether the trend will continue or not. They believe that of the processes associated with private and public cloud management and running become less complex and more user-friendly, then things could change pretty rapidly in the cloud computing industry.


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