Mastering the Art of Guest Blogging

blogSimply defined, guest posting is the practice of getting your post published on someone else's blog or website. This means that you are posting as a ‘guest' in order to widen your reach or speak to a different audience. There are a number of benefits that bloggers, companies and businesses can enjoy if they decide to take advantage of this concept. First and foremost, quality guest posts contain a link to your own website, which allows you to backlink your platform to authority sites in the industry. This can get you the stamp of approval you need in order to appeal to potential customers.

When you are guest blogging, you are somewhat regarded as an expert because an inexperienced and unskilled individual will not be allowed to write on a blog as a guest, would they? The most notable benefit is the fact that your blog will be able to enjoy the targeted referral traffic that comes towards it. Obviously, when you are guest blogging on a platform that's browsed by your target audience, you will be able to lure them to your website via good content. This can be really amazing because it allows you to increase your audience and this you do without spending a lot of your resources.

Nonetheless, in order to achieve these perks of guest blogging, you first have to learn to master the art. How is that possible? Some of these steps will help you in moving forward:

  • The search word

First things first, don't use the typical keywords when you are looking for guest post opportunities. Do you know how many results you can get and how difficult and time consuming it is to navigate through them all? If you want to look at credible and useful blogs where you can post as a guest, you need to use the right keywords for your research.

  • Look at others

There are a lot of bloggers and blogger outreach service companies out there who like to brag about the blogs where they have posted as guests. You can simply go through their list and find blogs that are relevant to your niche and can benefit you in the long term. This can help you in saving some precious time when you are looking for guest blogging platforms. In fact, it may also be a good idea to research where your competitors have blogged and you can use the same platforms to appeal to a mutual target audience.

  • Twitter

People are tweeting constantly these days, especially business individuals, and this also includes guest blogging opportunities. You can use search strings on Twitter to find out who is looking for or open to a guest post on their blog or website.

  • Go through the comments

When people guest post, a lot of comments come in from owners of other blogs and this can also be another resource for you. Get in touch with these bloggers and request them to allow you to guest blog.

With these steps, you can find new opportunities for guest blogging and reap the benefits of this practice.

Mariia Lvovych is a guest blogger, blogger outreach specialist and owner at Get Reviewed blog advertising network.

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