How to Identify a Good .NET Development Company

web-designWhether you need to power your business applications with .NET or need a work flow management system for your organization, it is important to get the best .NET development company to outsource your task. With numerous outsourcing companies available today, some of the factors you have to consider before contracting any .NET company are discussed herein.

Only select a company which is credible and reputable. Credibility and reputation is important as it enables one to know whether a company will fulfill its end of the agreement or not. Any credible developer must be one which has a real office, can be reached via communication channels and has relevant quality certifications.

Online and print reviews can also be used to determine whether the company is reputable. In addition, reputation can verified by reading previous customer feedback and testimonials. You should also go as far as contacting previous customers to find out how their projects were handled.

The company you select must be one with a relevant experience in .NET development. They also must have successfully completed a number of .NET projects. Experienced developers are able to make critical decisions and come up with innovative ideas and solutions that cannot be found in textbooks.

Choosing companies with a good .NET development record is advantageous as the developers might have done a similar project in the past thus able to provide you with several ideas of improving your product or even developing a better one.

It is also important to contract companies which are Microsoft certified partners or have knowledge on development of other Microsoft technologies. Any .NET developer must have expertise in other Microsoft technologies like ASP.NET, VB.NET. The importance of knowing other Microsoft technologies will be crucial in helping developers solve challenges of integration and interoperability of your product with other systems.

The outsourcing company you seek to hire must also have professional and highly skilled developers. A professional company is likely to adhere to industry guidelines and ethical provisions especially in matters concerning confidentiality and disclosure. In addition, the company must have highly skilled staff with relevant academic knowledge and practical experience. Having several skilled staff will give assurances that your project is in good hands.

Any good .NET developing company must also be cost effective and give you value added services. It is important to request price quotes from different developers and see which one is cost effective and meets your budget requirements. Value added services such as installation, development of guides and warranty should also be put into consideration when selecting which company to contract.

The developer you choose should provide you with multiple engagement options in terms of communication and project progress. Your developer should be available on phone and online to facilitate easy communication. Furthermore, they should constantly update you on the progress of your project.

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