Host1Plus VPS Hosting Review

Gone are the days when people felt shared hosting as sufficient and reliable. In the current web scenario, almost everyone with a medium sized audience needs VPS hosting to handle all its users. When you are out there researching for the most economical VPS hosting plans, you will be confused since there are so many options. But if you are looking for a service provider that offers you the best specs one can and gives that to you at astonishing prices then choose Host1Plus for your website. It has the most comprehensive plans at offer which you just can’t ignore.

Overview of Host1Plus


Host1Plus is one of the most reputed names when it comes to cheap VPS hosting. It provides affordable yet power packed price plans so that you can choose VPS hosting without worrying much about the price. The company offers all kinds of hosting and web related services. They match brilliant service with exceptional customer support which is just as important as the servers it provides.

Features of Host1Plus VPS hosting

VPS hosting

The features that the hosting provider offers is what makes it different from the rest of them. Following are some of the best features of Host1Plus VPS hosting which will make sure you get the worth of every penny you spend.

Full Root Access

This is what you lack in shared hosting. A full root access to the server gives you the ability to do more and also carry out things that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. If you have the technical knowledge about command lines, you have the full control over any operating system that your server is using, be that be Ubuntu, Fedora or CentOS.

DNS management

Most of the hosting providers don’t offer you DNS management within their site but Host1Plus does. You don’t have to bother about managing your DNS through an external site or service, everything is integrated right within the site. You can easily create your domain zones and edit records directly at your Client Area.

Live Stats

Live stats is of great help these days, it lets you know how much CPU resource you are actually using. Even other data like memory or network overuse can be tracked with this feature. It is great for those who want to know about the resource consumption and hence they can optimize the resources too.

Scalable resources

Scalability is one of the most important factors for all those who are developing a site that has potential to grow. Thus Host1Plus offers you many scalable resources that will help you in your growing days. It is important for you to build your site for scalability.

Instant deployment

Deploying a VPS hosting server is just a matter of 3 simple steps at Host1Plus and it can be done easily within minutes. You just need to configure the server for as you want it, fill the billing information and start using your VPS right there and then. It will help those who are getting VPS for a first time.

Virtual console access

Sometimes servers can face problems and you need virtual access to solve it. Host1Plus provides virtual console access to all its VPS servers. When it comes to instant recovery and retrieving access to your server, this feature will be very helpful for you.

Plans and Packages of Host1Plus VPS hosting

vps hosting plans

Host1Plus offers you flexible plans and packages that provides you different type of features under different price points. So, you need to choose the one which suits you the best. It depends on whether you are just starting out or are already a full fledged company. Just checkout some of the plans below and you can easily make a decision on which plan to buy as all of these offer cheap vps hosting.


This is the cheapest plan at offer. It will cost you just $2 every month but the specs of the VPS server are less too. The plan is great for beginners who aren’t expecting a lot of traffic. This is also sufficient for those who wish to test their sites before launching for public.


It offers you better specifications than Amber and costs you $5 per month. The highlights of the plan is that you get 1 TB of bandwidth and a disk space of 60 GB. This plan is perfectly ample for newly started sites in the beginning.


Host1Plus recommends this plan to everyone as it is the most popular plan. The original price of the plan is more than $14 but it will cost you just $10. The specifications will make sure that your VPS server can handle a decent amount of traffic. This is perfect for most of the sites that receive occasional decent traffic.


Gold offers specifications almost double than that of Silver. For those sites that have gotten a little popular can choose this package to handle the traffic. It is also great for sites with already a decent amount of popularity that receive daily traffic. The plan will cost you $20 every month.


Platinum package is usually for those who already receive a significant amount of traffic. If you are confident about your popularity then go with the Platinum package and Host1Plus will never disappoint you with what it has to offer.


This is the top most VPS hosting plan that Host1Plus offers. If you think that your site receives thousands of pageviews and uniques each day, then definitely you must choose the best package for it. The Diamond package will cost you $85 per month but is packed with heavy specifications.

Final Say

Since VPS hosting packages cost you so much at rest of the places, most of the people have to suffice for shared hosting. But at Host1Plus, the plans are affordably priced so that you can get most out of the VPS servers. Now you know about the features of the company’s service and also the various packages, the next time you plan to buy VPS hosting, give Host1Plus a try.

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