General Information on Choosing the Right Domain Name

newtldsA big part of creating a strong online presence is to pick the right domain name. Whether you are building a company website to market your products and services or you are making a name for yourself in your chosen field, registering your domain is the first step in securing your future. Even if you are not sure of what direction you are taking in your career, securing a unique name ahead of time is a smart move in any business plan.

Many individuals choose to register a domain under their given names. For example, choosing to simply register allows you to take a website in many different directions, no matter if you choose to use it for business or personal endeavor projects. If you have a common name, and your first choice in domain names is already taken, add extra words to find an available URL that suites your needs. For example, add your middle initial, hyphenated maiden name or title such as "doctor" or "professor" to get a domain that separates others with similar names.

If you already have a specific niche you want to break into, choose a name that is unique to you, easy for others to remember and is related to the subject matter of the website you plan on building. Do not make the mistake of trying to revamp a name that has nothing to do with the topics you plan on covering or you will see little return visitors and a drop in search ratings. For example, if you have a company website for your bakery and you go out of business, you can revamp it to offer baking tips and resources for bakers, but do not try to turn it into something that offers information about your new at-home business venture.

After you have chosen a domain name, you now have to decide which Top Level Domain (TLD) website suffix suits your needs. Among other choices, .com, .net, .info, and .biz are popular options. Learn more about which one is best for you by researching what each one stands for in the online world.

There is a lot more to creating a strong online presence than just to have the right domain name. You need to learn about SEO, creating desirable content and other website building techniques. But, it all starts with a desirable domain. Choose wisely.


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