Best Places to Buy and Sell Websites

Finding a good place to sell your website can be a bit of a hassle especially with the plethora of sites involved in this business. And if you are a website buyer, it’s always nice to know which places offer quality listings with buyer protection measures such as escrow for safe transactions. Below are 8 of the best places to buy or sell websites in no particular order.

1. Flippa


Flippa is the probably the most popular website marketplace/auction site, with millions of dollars in transactions every month. The quality of websites for sale listings varies dramatically-as a website buyer, you’ll find yourself flipping though hundreds of spam listings alongside genuine-looking listings, and it may be hard at first to separate the scam sites from the authentic ones.

Website sellers pay $9 for starter site listings plus a 15% success fee (sale commission), while established website owners pay $19 to list plus a 5% success fee once the site is sold.


WebsiteBrokerThis is one site that ranks among the top in the search engines for keywords related to buying and selling websites. And it’s not for nothing; the website has an A- rating with the BBB. Buyers will find better quality listings here than on Flippa, who are among their main competitors.

If you want to sell your site here, there’s a $9.95 fee for a standard listing for three months. A premier listing costs $29.95 and unlike Flippa, there are no commission fees for completed sales.

3. We Sell Your Site

wesellyoursiteThis is a website brokerage firm that’s been around for over 8 years. Website buyers who are ready to part with $100,000 or more-into the millions-will find quality listings here. Established domains that have been in business for years can be found here.

If you are a seller, this may be the go-to place if you believe your site is worth in the region of $100,000 or more. The advantage is that you’re not just listing the site on a marketplace; you’re doing it with brokers who help you sell it.

4. Buy Sell Website

buysellwebsiteThe design of Buy Sell Website looks chaotic, to say the least. But don’t be fooled by it. The site is well-established and receives lots of listings and traffic. For website buyers, you’ll find domain names and sites categorized as either start-ups or established sites.

For website sellers, you’ll be charged $39 to list your site for two weeks, or $59 for 90 days. The fact that the fee is so high compared to other marketplaces discourages scammers from listing their wares here.

5. Businesses for Sale

businessesforsaleYou might have heard about this portal by now, where all kinds of businesses from around the globe are sold. There’s a category dealing with websites for sale with over 600 listings as of this moment. If you’re a buyer, you’ll find all kinds of websites for sale here ranging from a few hundred dollars to millions.

If you’re a seller, this website can be good for getting more exposure as it has syndication agreements with other publishers, so your ad may appear in a few other places. Selling your site here isn’t a great idea if it’s worth less than $10,000. Check out the other options.

6. Website Properties

websitepropertiesThis website deals with the sale of established Internet businesses, not just sites. Head over there and you’ll see ecommerce sites that deal with the sale of physical products-such as nutritional supplements-listed. Many of the businesses on sale are worth thousands to millions of dollars. Premium domain names are also sold there.

7. Experienced People Forum

experienced-people-forumThis forum has established itself as an authority in the business of buying and selling websites. They have tons of quality articles offering advice to buyers and sellers alike. For website sellers, registration is free, but you have to pay $1.99 by PayPal to get rights to post up to 1o listings a month. Certainly a better option than the scam-choked Digital Points forums.

8. Website broker firms

Finally, as a web broker myself, I wasn’t going to fail to mention brokerage firms as an entity, was I? Other than, there are a number of firms that help connect sellers to qualified buyers, and handle the entire sales process on behalf of the client. The standard commission fee-applied only after the site is sold-is 10% of the sale price.

Here’s a top five list of website broker firms.

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