Simple Tips on How to Maintain a Good DA

Domain authority, developed by Moz, is a well-known metric for a website’s search engine performance. It indicates how well your site will rank on the search engine.

While the importance of DA for SEO is a topic for debate, we cannot ignore anything that gives us a frame for analysis when it comes to measuring the effectiveness of our SEO endeavors.

Every website has a DA value which could be anything from 0 to 100. Higher the DA, greater will be your site’s rank in the search results. It is better to consider this value as comparative and not absolute. So, if your competitor’s website has higher DA compared to yours, for the same set of keywords and other ranking factors, their website is expected to fare better in search engine results.

Moz analytics determines the calculation of DA. So, more than how Google views your website, it reflects Moz’s interpretation about your site. It is essential to manage your DA as Moz analytics is a good reference for search engine optimization efforts.

  1. Off-Page Optimization

Most SEO professionals pay a lot of attention to on page SEO. In the process, they often ignore the off-page SEO activities that can affect the DA of their website.

One of the most common mistakes is to generalize that back-links will increase DA. While the reality is that only the back-links from good quality sites will increase DA. Also, the links should be relevant and not spammy. Link variety as a factor of SEO is also not ruled out.

We are all aware that links are not the only factor for SEO. If your brand name is present on different sites, it gets search engine optimized. Thus, irrespective of do-follow links, guest posting does help you with SEO.

Some SEO professionals underestimate the importance of off-page optimization in SEO. But, for increasing your DA, off-page optimization is a must. So the best SEO services providers pay a lot of attention to off-page optimization.

  1. On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization refers to managing your website content in a way that the elements of the pages by themselves contribute to search engine rankings. There are various ways that you can do on-page optimization for your website.

Internal links are an integral part of any on-page optimization activities. These are very good for SEO. But, one should ensure that the links are not excessive in number. It is also essential that the links are relevant to your niche. If they are not, you cannot expect the desired type of traffic flow.

Links to the other pages of your website will make it easier for the user to locate the required information. Similarly, these encourage the crawlers of the search engine to spread across the different areas of your website. And, as the crawlers visit different pages through these links, your site gets search engine optimized!

Most of these practices, with time, will go on to increase your DA unless you are indulging in black hat SEO tactics. Beware; the black hat tactics can penalize your website in the search engine. But, by using the quality techniques, you won’t ever have to risk your DA to black-hat tactics.

  1. Correct Your Mistakes

You have various tools that help you assess your SEO campaign. So, I am sure that by now you are well aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Now that you know your SEO mistakes, it is time to correct these.

The first step is to improve your links. So, start with the internal links. Check all the links to find if they are leading to relevant pages. And, don’t forget to remove the broken links that aren’t pointing to any pages.

The next step is to identify back-links. This step involves listing the right links and the bad ones separately. Now, you can disavow all the bad links.

Moving further, you must replace all your outdated content with fresh content.

The type of content that encourages engagement also differs from one platform to the other. So, develop platform-specific content and share it accordingly.


Domain authority is not just a concept that you must be aware of if you are responsible for the SEO of your website. DA gives you a framework to assess your SEO position when compared to your competitor.

While it is a fact that so many websites have attained a high DA without any specific efforts, it becomes crucial to prevent SEO blunders which could instead reduce your DA. And, with simple steps, you can maintain a healthy DA that can put you above your competitors in search results.

I have shared some simple yet significant practices for maintaining a good domain authority. Do share for the benefit of all, if you know some easy tips for increasing the domain authority of a website.

If you have any questions, please ask below!