7 Biggest Mobile Seo Mistakes To Avoid

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays an integral role in building a successful ecommerce business. Your website should have a proper SEO strategy to stay ahead of your competition. According to various researches, the majority of ecommerce customers access the internet through smartphones.

You should consider the strength of mobile users while optimizing your ecommerce site. If you don’t give proper attention to your users coming through mobile, you are probably losing a bigger chunk of your business. The essential requirement is a suitable ecommerce SEO for mobiles to get the optimum results from the ecommerce business.

There are multiple mistakes which are often made while optimizing the ecommerce site. These mistakes, if not rectified, can cause adverse effects to your business. We have listed below some of these most common mistakes:

Slow accessibility

As we all know the majority of ecommerce users access the internet through their smartphones. These mobiles users are not going to spare your website if it takes a longer time to load than usual.

If you want to have a good amount of business and conversion rate, you have to make your website load as quickly as possible. A lot of people would leave your site if it is taking time to load.

If you want your mobile SEO to be right you need to optimize the loading speed of your website. You can do this by using compressed and lighter images on your ecommerce website. Every single Kb is valuable here for your business.

Take every possible step you can to make your site load swiftly. Remember your business is banking on your site and its loading time.

Unresponsive design

Google rewards websites that carry a responsive design. They don’t show websites on mobile, when users find it difficult to browse on mobile. Having an unresponsive design is definitely going to be a drawback for your ecommerce business. Your website design should be mobile-friendly to serve the majority of mobile users.

You should make a responsive design which could scale itself according to any display size. Most preferably, try to design your website while keeping the mobile-first paradigm in your mind.

Only desktop-supportive web design won’t get you good business. Try to space various elements quite far from each other so people don’t click the wrong option on your website. A mobile-friendly website design is essential to rank high in search engine results.

Faulty redirects

A major issue in the websites which are not optimized for mobile is faulty redirects. This is a lot more common on the websites with separate desktop and mobile versions and URLs.

These problems can be rectified if the users are redirected to the equivalent URL which is suitable for mobiles from dynamically generated URL.

Similar content should be presented to users of all devices by avoiding mistakenly linked URL from mobile URLs. You should verify your mobile site with search engines to get automatic alerts of faulty redirects.

Incompatible content

Sometimes the videos or graphics you have posted on your website don’t support mobile devices. This is another general mobile SEO mistake when unplayable or not viewable content for mobiles is available on your site.

Another problem may arise if your text is not mobile supportive. Some of the examples are the tiny font size, text readability problems and hard to find or differentiate call actions. You can eliminate these problems through large font size, creating spaces between short paragraphs, and distinct action buttons.

This could be annoying for your visitors. The users should be able to view content through all devices whether it’s a desktop, a tablet or a mobile.

Use of HTML5 and transcripts can be really helpful for you. The use of HTML5 will enable your website to be viewed on any browser and use modern animations.

Duplicate content

This can be a very big problem in the optimization of a site. If two similar contents are posted on different pages, the search engine might get mixed up and relegate your links from search results.

This can be a negative factor in the optimization of your site instead of being a help in ranking your site better. Your website may get penalized as a result of posting duplicate content on various web pages.

The absence of mobile keywords

People use voice searches and short keywords while searching on phones. The terms on mobile for searches tend to be different than those on desktop. They sound more like conversational.

Many ecommerce site owners would assume their keywords can work for the desktop and mobile as well. This could be a very wrong assumption. The search queries for people using mobile could differ. You need to consider keywords which support the mobile search for your website.

Lack of mobile keywords may prove costly for your business. Try to generate keywords that are meant for both mobile and desktop users.

Screen covering ads

Sometimes the pop-up ads cover the whole screen of the mobile devices. This phenomenon may annoy your visitors and they may end up leaving your website. This can be a drawback for your online business.

Search engines like Google may also penalize your site for this action and rank it lower. You should review the inclusion of pop-up ads so that they shouldn’t become awkward for your visitors and affect your business.

Final thoughts

Many businesses don’t pay attention to mobile SEO for their website. This negligence may prove costly to their business. We mentioned some general mistakes in mobile SEO and also discussed their possible solutions.

We hope that this article provides you substantial know-how of mobile SEO mistakes and their solutions as well as be fruitful for your business in the future.

Best of luck!

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