6 Ways to Optimize Multi-Location Pages for Local SEO

Multiple Location SEO

There are ultimately 6 specific target strategies for how to optimize multi-location pages for local search engine optimization (SEO). Each individual strategy has its own inherent value and worth. And when used in conjunction with the mission of better utilization, more site traffic can be produced.

1) Include Name, Address and Phone Number

A great way to improve on search engine optimization (SEO) for all types of businesses is to list all the relevant factors in how to physically locate each business location with an online listing. Search engines use the name, address, and phone number of the business. It is done in relation to the person’s location who is searching for the information to link the two pieces of data up together. Therefore, it is important to have that information clearly displayed and readily accessible to be used in cross referencing in a google search. Create a webpage listing all of your locations as well as individual pages for each location.

2) Create a Multi-dimensional Website

For larger organizations with a multitude of bricks and mortar locations, it is good for the company to create a main website for the overall mission of the company. However, that will only take a potential customer to a generic homepage.

Therefore, a secondary piece of the puzzle should be to create supplemental webpages to the main site with the name, address, and phone numbers clearly listed for the individual units of the whole. This will allow a place for each individual location to be categorically listed in order for the search engine to access it in relation to the front end user of the search. This will make it easier to find more individualized results from searches. On the page listing all of your location make each location linkable to a webpage for that location where you can give greater details about the individual location

3) Include a Google Map

Something of a newer approach is to attach or add a location finder to aid in physically finding a location. Many companies are opting to invest in the addition to their websites and it apparently is working quite well. Try to add a google map for ease of access, that will include search engine optimization (SEO) opportunities.

When keywords such as ‘Italian Food’ are typed in by a user it will be cross referenced with the person’s individual location and the location for the restaurant. When these features work well together, then the end result is a listing of all Italian Food restaurants in their desired surrounding area. This in turn will increase traffic and inadvertently increase sales for the food chain.

4) Verify Your Company On Google

The Google search platform allows each business to verify their location and identity themselves via Google Places. And in return, the company that is enrolling will be highly more likely to appear higher on the list of search results than otherwise noted.

This is a useful tool to improve the company’s listing on the overall search results and to gain notoriety. Google is not the only search engine to offer a verification opportunity, and others can be used in parallel with one another to further increase the benefit of their use.

5) Update Your Hours of Business

It may not seem all that important for the business hours to be listed, but updating the hours that a business is open will also aid in multi-page location optimization by offering yet another search engine optimization tool to more completely search any given topic.

The person searching may be looking for an Italian Restaurant that is open after 8 pm, by updating the hours of operation the keywords can be cross referenced with other material input and other information available for the most accurate results.

6) Add Images

Adding images to your locations webpage as well as Google business profile are helpful for a variety of reasons. Initially, a well taken picture can allure the customer in with a professionally made plate of food. It serves to welcome the customer in, to order the enticing plate. It also gives the advantage of including other keywords that would likely be searched for in relation to the product or service the company provides.

As the user scrolls over the image, the words will appear, and they should correctly and accurately identify what the product or service is. The addition of pictures and images can strongly enhance the ability to pull a new customer in or to reengage a previous one.

These are 6 explicit target approaches for how to augment multi-location pages for local search engine optimization (SEO). After reviewing each one individually, it is not hard to tell that each one has its own intrinsic worth of wealth. But it is only when used in combination with another that the best possible results are realized.

Any business that chooses to incorporate some or all of these tips and tricks of the trade will surely reap the rewards of their success. The utilization of these key components will mean even more site traffic and will translate into more profitability.


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