6 Things to Learn about WordPress to Boost Website Ranking

Frankly speaking, building a website using your blueprint is actually easy. It allows you to choose technical designs, post valuable information, and host your website. However, it is complicated to boost your web page ranking due to SEO mechanics. You must thoroughly understand first the concept of Search Engine Optimization to have a competent grasp of the principles behind the successful ranking.


In this context, you will know the step-by-step procedures on how to start up your website SEO ranking. Take a closer look at these following procedures:

Understanding WordPress’ features and functions

In establishing your blogs, you have to take note of the WordPress options and learn how to play with its settings. Select the option, ‘discourage search engines from indexing this site’ if you’re concurrently working on the blog and preparing it for launching.

What is the purpose of this feature? It works like a filtering function that disallows the engine bots to detect, crawl, and index your page. These engine bots are also referred to as the robot.txt programming codes. In addition, make sure to include, ‘rel=”nofollow” and rel=”noindex” tags’ in which these tags may also prevent the search bots from indexing and crawling your page.

As a heads up, what is crawling and indexing? In SEO terminologies, the word, ‘crawling’ serve as the tracking toolbar of the web browsers. For instance, in Google, they operate Google’s Spider Crawler to navigate, reach, and visit the page. Another example, Mozilla Firefox has also a crawler bot namely the Foxy Spider. On the other hand, the term, ‘indexing’ refers to the aftermath of the crawling function. In simple words, the indexing will grasp the page’s information and store it on the Web Search Function of the web browser.

This is technically useful and practical way to the bloggers so that their website will not display, ‘404 not found errors’ on the web browser’s search pages.

Getting to Know the Useful Plugins

WordPress plug-ins are the most vital tools in checking and guiding your website to boost its SEO, handle its security features, and aim for a top ranking in the web. Here are the following best plug-ins recommended for a practical use:

a.) All-in-One SEO Pack and WordPress Yoast SEO

This plug-in is advisable to use in monitoring the link canonicalization, Meta descriptions, keywords optimization, page titles, tags, archives, and non-indexing categories. It is a very valuable free tool that will help the blogger and website owner to adjust their website contents and improve SEO structure.

b.) W3 Total Cache Plugin

Catching plug-ins are useful tools in accelerating the loading process of your web server thus, it creates dynamic and caches static contents that reduce loading times. In addition, it also functions as database caching, page caching, object caching, minification options, and browser caching.

c.) WP Robots Txt Plugin

A 24/7 active barrier is a great tool to block any indexing and crawling occurrences to your web browser from time to time. This plug-in literally acts like a virtual robot to perform specific duties in blocking indexing and crawling functions to your website or web directories.

d.) Broken Link Checker Plugin

Sometimes, you tend to overpopulate the links on your site thus, it might lead to broken links. A broken link checker plugin is a useful tool to monitor your links regularly. This is a must to your website and blog because the web browsers check the web sites if these are properly maintained and active. Let’s say, if Google finds your site with broken links, it may report it and you may be penalized for not maintaining your site. As much as possible, search amazing broken link checker add-ons to do the job for you.

e.) The .XML Site Map Plug-in

When it comes to site maps updates, this tool is incredibly amazing as to indexing and provide search engines links to all the pages of your website using the sitemap.

Creating and Removing Links

a.) Modify Defaulted Permalinks

As we all know, WordPress has defaulted settings and links. Sometimes, the website owners and bloggers tend to delete or change these link settings. However, the result yielded to a page error. What could be the best possible solution to overcome these mistakes?

You can use this permalink text-based format for your links, ‘’. In this way, you can manage to insert keywords without causing errors to your web page.

b.) Encode Unfollow Attributes to Avoid Useless and Untrusted Links

Make sure to use the tag, ‘rel=nofollow’ so that it will prompt the search engine crawlers to not follow the link connected to the website. In addition, it will prevent unnecessary links to your website.

c.) Remove any Index Duplicate Types

As much as possible, do not create the same title to your tags and categories because it may lead to an index duplicate type. You can use the plug-in, ‘All-in-One SEO Pack or WordPress Yoast SEO’ to give you some alerts regarding the index duplicates and fix them as deemed necessary.

Advance Your Website Checking and Security Using CDN

Another option to speed up the loading of the pages, you can use a CDN provider. It is also recommended to use the MaxCDN. It helps to slow down the response time thus, creating a fast loading page performance. In technical terms, it actually catches the static contents (CSS, java scripts, images) of your web servers and helps find the closest route to serve these contents to the respective users.

Block Spam Senders and Remove Spam Comments

Use WordPress plugins that can filter and block any spam senders and comments to your web page. We suggest that you can use these popular tools namely Akismet and Cookies for Comments in order to prevent fraudulent spammers to populate your website with unnecessary ads and comments.

Shift to a Reliable Web Hosting Provider

This is a great topic for both beginners and website owners to choose the best web hosting provider for their website. Make sure to check on the web hosting reviews before jumping into conclusions. Not all popular web hosting agencies can provide you the quality service hosting sometimes, they’re just making money out of it. It is advisable that you should prefer these website host providers namely StableHost, BlueHost, InMotion Hosting, Hawkhost, MDDHosting, and A Small Orange Hosting.

You can also ask some web bloggers and hosting providers in popular and reliable forums such as Web Hosting Talk to know more about the trending and latest updates for web hosting.

If you have any questions, please ask below!