10 SEO Trends to Follow in 2019

With 2019 already into its second month, it is high time for each and every entrepreneur to consider implementing SEO (search engine optimization) for their website to reach a greater number of potential clients through the leading search engines. It is equally important for the SEO professionals to stay alert and be aware of the changing trends and know what is in store for them this year. Only then will they be able to provide the best available strategies to suit their client’s specific online business requirements and help them to achieve sure success.

10 crucial trends to follow in 2019

  • Understand better user intent and the audience: What does the audience prefer – audio, video, images or text? It is extremely important to know what is in their mind and what they desire to have. This aspect does gain much more significance in 2019. Knowing their needs will help the entrepreneur to provide them with accurate answers in a simple manner possible, something that they will like and share with others known.
  • Structured Data markup: Experts advise using of structured data as much as possible. Since the last year, Google has been giving great importance to AI, thereby making structured data to become relevant and crucial. Structured data is undoubtedly the key, if Google has plans to move to AI-first world from mobile-first world. AI needs faster content processing and relations to one another.
  • Move beyond Google Search: Is it possible for Google search dominance to be overtaken or reduced by Apple and Amazon? The experts state that 2019 is likely not only about how Google is to be optimized, but also to consider the other ‘engines’. It is necessary to learn about driving engagement and traffic for things besides websites. It is equally important to rank for those devices and stores, where people search for and not ignore any of them.
  • Increase trustworthiness, authority and expertise: Better termed as E-A-T according to ‘search quality rating’ guidelines of Google, it is necessary to grow and establish trustworthiness, authority and expertise. It does help to know as to where Google has been heading in short term. SEOs will get to understand the important of quality with relevance to context. Without having authority on any given subject, it is not possible to rank easily.
  • Develop exceptional and compelling contents: 2018 Google algorithm updates has revealed clearly that content quality is being focused upon. Sites which provide exceptional in-depth quality content coverage are likely to rank high this year, while sites with weak content depth will suffer. Google is expected to reward those sites which offer in-depth experiences to all its users and will continue to tune its algorithm.
  • Using On-page optimization: It is likely to grow in significance this year. On-page seo tactics have been offering organizations with incredible results, but still, links are crucial. Few key optimizations are:
  1. Content answering common user questions
  2. Shortening conversion procedure
  3. Ensuring relevant results with internal site search
  4. Reponses to questions from customer support related to business
  5. Using chatbots for reducing the load for procedural tasks, common questions

Investment in technical SEO: This particular aspect is likely to become a key aspect of investment this year as sites grow in complexity with each passing year. few areas of focus with regards to technical aspects are:

  1. PWAs (Progressive Web Apps): It is essential to know as to how the site is to be made live on PWA in near future and how it will become a keepable experience for the users.
  2. JavaScript: Some understanding of JavaScript and the role of major search engines on driving JavaScript driven sites will be necessary.
  3. Speed: Simpler and faster sites are the need of the hour and will be rewarded by Google.

Machine learning: This is the thing to watch out for in 2019. Its true power is yet to be understood and it is likely to change with layout changes already being made by the search engines.

Voice search: Probably voice search might peak this year like mobile search did in 2015. Voice optimization strategy is a lackey to be the in-thing for organizations. The shift already has begun and in the future can be a game changer especially for multilingual and multinational websites.

Featured snipes & Google SERP features: Besides optimizing own website, it is essential to optimize Google search experience. Seo expert from India opine that carousels, who-knows-what-else, knowledge graph, recipes and answer boxes is likely to take out a better bite from organic traffic. It will only make SEO all the more vital, since exposure is more about visibility like that of clicks in SERP.

The above are the top 10 trends that can be noticed in 2019 that every entrepreneur and SEO provider needs to be wary about.

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