GetResponse vs. Hubspot: A Comparison of their Features

wrfqwSmall and large businesses alike can benefit from the use of marketing automation tools. This type of software can help you streamline your marketing strategies, saving your valuable time and money. It is even better when these systems add additional features to help your business go further.

You may be wondering why you should even consider using a marketing system. Rest assured, they are far from a waste of money. In fact, using a marketing tool can help save you money, as it requires less time to manage your marketing strategies. There are some other benefits to consider as well such as:

  • Decreases the number of employees need to generate and manage marketing strategies
  • Increases the productivity of tasks and processes needed for marketing
  • Centers your team around one software program instead of multiple
  • Increases profits because less money is spent on producing your strategies
  • Boosts revenue because your email marketing will be more effective than ever before
  • Aligns marketing, sales and IT
  • Being able to target the right people with email marketing campaigns

Once you decide to invest in a marketing automation tool, it is critical to make sure you pick the best software for your business. There are two popular options on the market that need to be compared: GetResponse and HubSpot. Let’s take a look at how their features line up together.

1. Marketing Automation Software

With both GetResponse and HubSpot, you receive the workflow software to help you manage and carry out your email marketing campaigns. The workflow can help you target the right customers, track when they don’t open the email, remind them that they are missing certain deals and a report, and add them onto the list once they have opened the email.

Unlike email marketing on your own, having software manages everything and makes it happen automatically. You can set emails to be sent at certain times or due to certain actions taken by the customers. The difference between the two is the landing page to manage the workflow for marketing automation.


  • GetResponse advertises itself as being one of the easiest marketing platforms to use. The process is very simple when using GetResponse. There are the proper options given, and you simply make your selections. hubspot-marketing-automatisation-software
  • On the other hand, HubSpot offers much of the same features, yet their page to manage the automation isn’t as user friendly. It does make sense, but it may take just a bit more time to learn how to manage your emails.

2. Email Marketing

Both GetResponse and HubSpot is include managing email marketing in their software. Email marketing is one of the best marketing strategies to use. Both companies understand the importance of this marketing technique and include it in their software.

  • GetResponse has a great landing page for email marketing. It is easy to use; there are 3 steps to follow in order to get the campaign started.
  • HubSpot has a nice page to use for email marketing as well. It isn’t as easy as GetResponse, but it is still nice.

GetResponse wins out on this area because it offers more categories and choses for the user.

3. Landing Page Builders

Landing pages are an important part of any email marketing strategy; having a well-designed and eye-catching page is just as important as any of the other details. Both GetResponse and HubSpot offer the platform to build these pages. They offer some of the same features, but they are designed differently.


  • GetResponse offers a huge assortment of templates and categories. The page where users build the landing pages is simple to use and fun. HubSpot, other the other hand, isn’t as fun and eye-catching, but they offer some very nice templates. They lack in the number of templates in comparison to GetResponse.


  • HubSpotoffers something that GetResponse does not, and that is the option to build website pages. If you want to create some great looking web pages, HubSpot could be a great option for you as well.

GetResponse’s Extra Features

Both GetResponse and HubSpot offer autoresponders for emails. This is an important feature for any email marketing campaigns. They have similar features, yet designed differently, as seen in previous features.

GetResponse shines against HubSpot because it offers additional features in their monthly packages. Here are the extras you will get to use:

  • You can build webinars as part of the regular platforms. These are great tools for educating your customers and building your clientele.
  • There is the option to track your shopping cart abandonment. This can give insight into your customers and offer you the ability to send information to those customers when the price of items in their cart drops.
  • Another great tool is the option to track website traffic. With tracking, you can learn so much about your readers such as the most common time they check emails and how often they view your website.

Bottom Line

While HubSpot and GetResponse offer some of the same features, GetResponse offers additional features in their packages. You get more for your money with GetResponse, and you will be spending less money.

One of GetResponse’s basic packages costs $49 per month, and all of these functions are included. Whereas, HubSpot starts off at $200. If you want to save so many and have more features, GetResponse is the clear winner.

If you have any questions, please ask below!