Generating Leads in 2017: Techniques You Haven’t Considered

Generating LeadsAre you battling dwindling numbers for your lead generation campaigns? Are you struggling to attract new business? It is time to try out new techniques. This piece takes a look at some interesting ways you can generate new leads.

Use video contests

You probably already know the benefits of holding contests. They are not just fun and engaging but effective for growing your clientele and generating new leads. When you throw in video contests into the mix, you open up a whole new world of opportunities for your business. This is because video contests tend to enjoy greater organic reach than photo or text based contests. Most of the contests that have gone viral in the last few years were video based.

Put QR Codes to good use

qr codes

If you have presence on social media, you should consider advertising with QR codes made available in public places such as bus stops, billboard ads and shopping centres. This is most effective if you have a contest or giveaway going on. You can also use them on your physical store front. QR codes are a great way to attract curious prospects. Some of them will stick with you in the long run.

Use Webinars to Highlight Your Expertise and Business Persona

Webinars require time investments on the time of attendees. It is therefore safe to assume that all attendees as well non-attendees that earlier indicated interest have some interest in you and your business. You can leverage on this interest and encourage them to go to the next stage of your conversion funnel. Additionally, since webinars are educational, you can use them to keep your customers informed. This makes you an obvious choice when they are faced with problems that need solving.

Hunt for Trade Shows and Exhibitions to Go in front of Potential Prospects

Trade shows and exhibitions offer an effective platform get in front of a large number of potential customers over a short period of time. To yield results, however, you need the right strategy and adequate planning. If you properly work out the right strategy for separating real prospects from the crowd and capturing contact data, you can quickly build a decent bank of fresh leads over a short period.

Seek out accompaniment opportunities

Many businesses know their competition but few know their accompaniment. A drinks specialist is accompaniment for a food vendor. A printer manufacturer is accompaniment for an ink dealer. Find the accompaniment for your business and consider striking up partnerships. Where this is difficult, target their customer list and market your products directly. On social media for instance, there are many tools that can allow you to see and copy followers from specific businesses. Put these tools to good use.

Go back to your current clientele

“Whilst seeking new leads, it is easy to overlook your current clientele” says Brian Hong of Infintech Designs, a leading SEO and web design company. Are there other ways you can help them? Can you offer more of your products and services to them? There is usually a lot of neglected value in your current customer list. Another good tip is to run a referral campaign with your current client list. Offer bonuses for new leads. Taking advantage of word-of-mouth marketing is still a great way to generate leads so why not incentivise a group that has already benefitted from your services?

Create segments in your email list

It is vital to know why a potential lead gave away their email address. You will get better results by channelling your marketing efforts towards a segmented and curated list. There are many tools that can help you find leads using specific criteria. When you generate such leads, you can now test out different marketing techniques and messages and measure results.

Don’t stop using your circle of influence

Some of your target audience may have tuned off from marketing messages especially on social media platforms. This means that only very few brand related posts get attention and engagement. This is why you should market your business and attempt to generate leads from personal accounts. Once in a while, communicate your brand message from your personal social media accounts. Let more people know what your business is about and how you can help them. If your business has presence on review sites, claim it and keep tabs with customer opinion. Also keep tabs on discussions that may involve your business on social media and wade in where necessary. The more the eyeballs for your brand, the higher the number of leads.

Lead generation is a non-stop process. Use smarter methods to generate better results.

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