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Learn The Secret Behind a High Converting Post

effective-post-writingIf there is a single mistake that I've seen over and over again on various websites is that people think that the more traffic the higher the conversion rate, this may not be necessarily true and the reason for this is that even when traffic is very important for conversion, it is just a component of the whole equation of profit. It is true that without traffic there is no one to convert, but this component by itself is not going to make it happen. The truth behind a high converting post is more than lots of people seeing it, this has to do more with how good the post is to communicate a message or market a product, and if you want to know more about it I invite you to stay tuned and as I'll explain the principle behind a high converting post.

One thing that must be clear for everyone is that the first component to have a good conversion rate is not traffic but targeted traffic, there are very specific differences between each other and the most important one is that traffic is just a bunch of people visiting a website whereas targeted traffic is a bunch of people who are looking for the products and services offered on a specific website, and in order to have conversion the first component is to have people interested in buying something that we offer. If you buy traffic for your site it is important to know that these visitors may or may not be interested in acquiring something and this will have a direct impact in your conversion rate.

Once that targeted visitors are clicking on our website it is time to measure and increase the conversion rate, this can be achieved by applying basic marketing to our posts in order to convince the visitor that this product is the perfect choice for them, and the best way that I've seen over the years to do this is by giving people information so that they can make their mind about what we are offering and therefore make the sale. This of course requires the product to be excellent in order to be able to say excellent things about this product and facilitate the sale.

How to market by giving people information?

Have you heard the axiom that says: Give and you'll receive? It completely applies here, and the fact is that your results will be in direct proportion to who you are and what you can give. The law of income states that: You will be paid in direct proportion to the value you deliver according to the opinion of your market place; this means that the more value you give the bigger the compensation will be, and a very cheap and practical way of giving value to your market place is through information; give the people the information they need to solve their problems and they'll come to you, it is as simple as that.


Learn the main difference between a high converting post and simply a post

Solve Problems
Solve Problems

Creating a high converting post is more than simply combining words to form sentences; this post must convey an intention, a message. The main difference between a post and a high converting post is that one is a collection of data, words, and figures to talk about something, whereas the other is information assembled to convey a message with the intention not of selling but of solving problems, this is what big brands do in order to be successful, they share knowledge so that people can receive something from them for free, this mere action is the giving of the brand, then they simply have to wait to receive in return for what they already gave according with the give and receive axiom.

It is important to share pretty informative and high value content with your audience, this way they'll see you as an authority, on the other hand if you share only product details without telling them what the product is about or why they should get it from you instead of the competition you will not be as successful as you wish.

Let me practice what I preach in terms of marketing

penLet's say that for any reason I am marketing pens and I have a great product that is a hot seller, the manufacturer is saying that this pen is beautifully and ergo designed, portable, lightweight, durable and at a great price, they even mention that if you order it now they will send you free spare parts right to your front door with free shipping and handling. Sounds like a great deal ah? Are you ready to make the purchase? Do you feel that you have something already even without buying the pen?

Here is a different version of the same pitch.

Many people think that a pen is a just a pen and nothing else; I was one of them in fact and with time and injuries I found that this misconception can cause severe pain. One of the most important things to consider when buying a pen is the design, most people only look at the style but what really matters is if the pen has an ergo design or not, this will prevent you from suffering injuries in your hand and will help you to enjoy your writing at the same time. The second thing that I would look at a pen is how heavy it is since this will make the writing experience totally different as it is easier to write using a lightweight pen. The durability of the pen as well as if it has spare parts available is very important since it is useless to have a lightweight and ergo designed pen that won't last or have no spare parts to replace them if required.

Today I want to introduce you this amazing pen that has a medic-approved ergo style; it is durable since it is made of resistant metal, portable and lightweight. Spare parts are included free of charge if you order it now and as an additional super saver the shipping and handling it's on our own.

Notice that I created a whole section just to give useful and actionable information so that the user can get something even whiteout purchasing the pen. Which version gives you more? Which one helps you to solve a specific problem?

How can I start doing this right now?

It is obvious that this requires an extra effort on your end; some research will have to be made in order to give people the right information about a specific product and thus convey the message that you are a trusted source of knowledge, this of course will pay off and I am sure that you'll be surprised by the results.

It is important to remember that the post is the one that will do the sale for you, so paying attention to the small details on the post is something that must not be neglected.

To your success!

This post was created by Jose Lozano, who is a successful online entrepreneur and an experienced internet marketer; he has been trying different things in order to increase conversions and so far the best way to do this is through giving people information to solve their problems. This is exactly what Jose does at his RC Hobbies on Air website where he shares useful tips and reviews in order to help other hobbyists like him to enjoy more their RC flying toys.

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