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How to Get an Upgrade on your Hotel Accommodation

hotel-roomFor many the idea of checking in at a hotel and receiving an instant upgrade is a matter of fantasy. That doesn't actually happen does it? Actually, with the right advice and a confident manner you could be getting discounts and upgrades galore. Below are a selection of tips which, if properly executed, can lead to a significant saving on your next holiday stay.

Talk the Talk

Communication is crucial in winning a hotel upgrade; both in how you communicate directly to the hotel and how you intend to communicate with your friends, family and wider social network. Talk of your excitement to stay at the hotel and build up the visit as a substantial experience and something you have been looking forward to for a long time. This gives the impression that you will likely promote your stay (and its quality) across a number of channels to a wider audience of people.

Phone > Internet for Bookings

Always inquire and book over the phone rather than using websites. Whilst the price will remain static online, speaking to a person over the phone allows you to negotiate a better deal. Inquire about special deals or daily rates and see if you can get a better deal from a hotel keen to book up empty rooms.

Try your Luck in Person

It may seem risky but you'd be surprised how effective it can be in securing a cheaper hotel deal. Try your luck on the day and try to negotiate a cheaper deal. Hotels are keen to operate at full capacity and are unlikely to turn away business even if your offer is below their standard rate.

Speak Direct to the Concierge

It's important when attempting to negotiate an upgrade or cheaper rate that you are speaking to the correct person. Make sure you talk to someone with the know-how and the authority to offer you an upgrade or discount. Speak directly to the concierge and build up a relationship with as many staff members as possible boosting your chance of getting a more personalised or preferential service.

Tip BEFORE you stay

A handy tip for boosting your chances of better service is to tip before your visit. Waiters and housekeeping staff expect a tip after your stay but by choosing to tip before your visit shows that you are confident and assured in the level of service and will likely guarantee that you receive the best service at the hotel. You may even get some freebies or additional amenities.

Link Your Stay to an Event

It may be seen as a cliché but hotels are more likely to give out discounts, upgrades or special deals for guests staying for a special event or occasion. Whether it is birthdays, weddings, engagement parties or anniversaries by tying your stay to an event you will have a far higher chance of getting an upgrade or discount. Let the hotel know well in advance of your stay what special occasion you are celebrating giving them plenty of time to sort out any arrangements. Don't be shy to promote your special occasion in emails or comments - you can even outright ask for an upgrade. You'd be surprised how often that works!

Ross Moffat is a travel enthusiast and writes for luxury hotels site Crisp White Sheets home to its latest hotel at Gilpin Lodge

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