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10 Best Yoga Vacations to Visit in 2019

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Travel trends in 2019 are going to be spearheaded by surging interest in wellness and Yoga vacations. It is time for you as well to unplug and start anew for a better self and recharged life. Choose amongst these 10 best Yoga vacations in 2019

Travelling to an unknown destination is not always about riding waves at some beach or devouring street foods in a random downtown market. Disconnecting from the stress can also be about going within and resurrecting your inner worlds. It seems quite counter-intuitive to cross oceans just to sit down with few strangers in a silent meditative pose. It is time to blend your vacations with the traditional healing ways of existing. How about some calming Yogic poses to get some guidance to satiate the internal quest?

10 best Yoga vacations for you to take in the year 2019:

Dharamshala, India

Dharamshala, India

A land where you come to witness the ethereal beauty of the mountains, Dharamshala is a damsel personified, in all senses. Yoga vacations in this beautiful destination spread the carpet for every soul to come to quench their thirst for peace through preaching of Buddhism, enliven their stay by staying closer to the enigmatic Tibetan culture, and learn to let go by listening to the recordings of Dalai Lama. Dharamshala embellishes the significance of spiritual pilgrimage in the Northern sphere of India.

KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa


Awarded with a National Heritage status by Late Nelson Mandela for its timely eco-friendly actions to save the Blue Swallow, KwaZulu-Natal is a beautiful rural place that unearths your shadow sides. Apart from your Yoga holiday here, bird-watching and meditating at beautiful beaches of Ballito are some the nerve-capturing activities. You have the beautiful pathway to re-visit the historical battle remains of the Zulus, Dutch, and the British. Come to KwaZulu-Natal, if taking the high road to your real self in the most traditional way is on the cards.

Maui, Hawaii

Maui, Hawaii

Hawaii has some of the most amazing beaches and gorgeous sanctuaries located aptly in a way that you get the pure views of the Pacific Ocean and unforgettable sunsets. Hawaii is a paradise for Yogis and travelers who seek to attain a peaceful resurrection of their dead inner worlds at a quieter place. The island of Maui offers popular Yoga retreats with a chance to enjoy real Hawaiian food made vegan or vegetarian. The clear blue skies blending well with the vastness of the oceanic waters will surely take your breath away.

Nova Scotia, Canada

nova scotia

Walked by many European and English explorers in the late 1400s, Nova Scotia seems to have made a noteworthy mark on the pages of its Golden history. One of the many small provinces in Canada, Nova Scotia is surrounded by Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and has more than 3000 coastal islands. Therefore, seas have been a major part of Algonquian people living here. Famous for its world’s highest tides and a beauty that made it to the list of ‘Wonders of Nature’ finalists’, Nova Scotia fulfills the unrequited love for adventure and Yoga holidays.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo

If there is one country in the Caribbean region that challenges the diversity in the rest of the world, then it has to be the Dominican Republic. The capital city of Santo Domingo offers the most-sought-after detox treatments surf retreats that levels up your Yoga vacations and the complete essence of it. Come to marvel at the untouched dunes, explore the colonial influence on the city life, and experience Mangrove lagoons.

Tulum, Mexico


Amidst the hustle in the busy lanes of the USA, find peace in the arms of Yoga vacations in Mexico. Tulum is known for its exclusive Yoga retreats that are planned according to the choices of the millennial generation without letting loose of the traditional know-how. The retreats offer lessons on Ayurveda, detox methods, and Yogic styles like Vinyasa and Hatha. Come prepared to be taken aback by the adventure activities like Surfing, beach activities and much more.

Barcelona, Spain


Call it the hottest destination in Europe or probably something that surpasses its mesmerizing beauty, Spain is a fine destination for your ultimate Yoga vacations. While Ibiza and Mallorca top the chart, it is nearly impossible to overlook the soothing Gong Baths, detox retreats, and mindfulness sessions for a calmer you. The chic nightlife one side and the spiritual gateway to a different world make Barcelona, a perfect Yoga holiday option.

Bali, Indonesia


Indonesia is another popular destination when it comes to perfect Yoga vacations. Recognized as a well-known Yoga & wellness spot in the world, Bali has a spiritual culture and a strong Hinduism influence, which makes Yoga vacations in Bali, a chosen one. The retreats are often conducted in deep jungles, secluded fields in Ubud or at the seaside in Sanur, and Nusa Lembongan. Go for Bali for a wholesome and affordable Yoga & meditation experience, like you have never seen before.

Marrakech, Morocco


One of the largest cities in Morocco, Marrakech is a gem when it comes to spending Yoga holidays in a calmer secluded region of Northern Africa. The bustling city has everything to offer- luxurious Yoga retreats, popular souks, great food, and Yoga & dessert trips that re-kindle the dormant inner worlds within you. Choose this “Red City”, if you want a cocktail of culture, history, and witness jaw-dropping majestic structures.

Costa Rica, Central America

costa rica

A country surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, the Caribbean Sea and countries like Nicaragua, Costa Rica is a perfect Yoga vacation spot. You will wake up to Nature’s whistling in the jungles, luscious greenery, and an oasis of seaside beauty that is hard to come by in one lifetime. If travelling to the USA is your dream, then it would be unfair to neglect the abundance of beauty in Costa Rica. Reach out for this destination, if you want to witness a true oasis of gorgeousness and wish to visit other interesting destinations located nearby.

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