Working with a Monochrome Interior Style

Introducing a monochrome interior style to your home opens you up to a whole range of exciting design options. Monochrome interiors offer a chic, modern aesthetic that will make your home feel warm and welcoming, whilst maintaining an on trend decorative style. There are lots of ways in which you can work with monochrome within the home, whether you’re on a small or large budget, it’s all about knowing what works for the space you have available to you and how you want to adopt this particular interior style.

Feature Walls

Creating a bold feature wall is a great way of bringing a block colour into the room and making a statement with the décor. Monochromatic décor is often made up of key colours including white, black, grey and often the odd bold colour such as orange. By using black or grey for your feature wall, you are able to make a sophisticated statement with complimentary decorative touches that enhance the overall monochromatic style. It’s important to focus on keeping a strong balance with the décor and not to make the darker colours too heavy causing the room to become dull and dark.

Matt Black Features

Incorporating matt black features into your home is a great way of enhancing the overall monochrome interior style in a really chic way. Matt black is a finish that has become popular over the last few years and become easier to style in a number of different ways. One of the most popular ways to introduce matt black into your home is through details like door handles, pulls, switches and so on. There are some sophisticated matt black ironmongery collections available online, like this collection from GJohns, that cover a wide selection of interior essentials in a classic matt black finish. Even though these additions may be subtle and small, they often make a large impact on the overall décor of a room and make the perfect finishing touch.

Monochrome Art

There are so many unique ways to adopt a monochrome style, but one extremely popular addition to the home is artwork. Monochrome art can be made up of your core monochrome colour palette, with colours that complement each other and help bring your interiors to life. From abstract art to photography, you can explore a whole world of artwork to reflect your personal style and character, to help your interiors tell their own story about your home. Take a look online to find the right artwork style for your interiors, with a range of monochromatic designs to help you enhance your overall aesthetic.

Eye-Catching Accessories

For the perfect finishing touches to your monochrome interior style, you want to focus on adding eye-catching accessories. From scatter cushions to throws and even rugs, you can add to the monochrome theme with more features that help to bring out the individual colours and enhance the aesthetic. You could even look at introducing features like mirrors to help reflect the light around the room and create a larger, open feel that results in a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

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