What is a Polished Concrete Floor?

The polished concrete floor gives a minimalistic industrial vibe that works nicely with modern architecture and aesthetic. It is a concrete floor that has been applied with a chemical densifier that looks into a glassy mirror-like finish.

What are the advantages if you use a polished concrete floor?

A lot of people want to make their home sophisticated and one way to make this possible is to make the concrete floors polished. Why would we suggest a polished concrete floor?

This floor falls under the much-sought-after category of sustainable design. This design can make use of any material available and the ability to eliminate both the cost and effort required in putting a floor on a traditional basis. It is also highly durable, which can last for 100 years if maintained. It has a non-slippery design because of its high coefficient of friction. Polished concrete can reduce the attack of dust mites, allergen problems, and mold growth. As we also observe, a highly reflective polished concrete can improve natural lighting thus, it can help save energy consumption. Also, this floor is easily maintained because it doesn’t need wax to make it shiny but just using water to clean the floor makes it presentable again.

What are the disadvantages if you use a polished concrete floor?

Despite its many advantages, concrete might not be what every household is looking for. Those who tried a polished concrete floor said that they don’t like it because of its hardness. Its strength and durability which is part of the advantage can also be a liability. If you fall onto the concrete you will surely be hurt and may seriously injure people. Items that were also dropped will surely shatter or crack. This kind of flooring is not recommended if you have children or elderly who lived in your homes. Another disadvantage is its coldness because it has little or no insulating value. If you are not using rags or carpets, you are going feel chilled especially on a cold winter morning.

How Much Does it Cost?

According to Home advisor, in general, this what we can expect for each price range noted:

$2 to $6 per square foot,this is a basic design that includes one layer of stain polished to a beautiful sheen.

$5 to $8 per square foot, this includes more than one color of design elements and scoring

$8 to $15 per square foot,this includes the most elaborate designs with advanced coloring, patterns, and even stenciling with polishing.

How is the concrete published?

  1. Wet Method of Polishing Concrete

During the grinding process of this kind of method, water is used to cool the diamond abrasives. Water acts as a lubricant that contributes to the life of the polishing abrasives. This is used to reduce the amount of dust produced during the polishing process and helps reduce friction.

  1. Dry Method of Polishing Concrete

No water is used during the dry method. Instead of water, a containment system is used so that the dust formed during the polishing process is directly taken through a vacuum effect. The added advantage over the wet polishing method is that it cleanses the mess during the process throughout. This kind of method is used commonly in industrial floor polishing as it is more convenient, fast and environmentally friendly.

How to make the polished floor more attractive?

Sometimes most homeowners won’t settle on a standard-grade grey concrete, they wanted more color and design. Is it possible? Yes. The concrete can be stained or dyed to work on the color palette. The good thing is that it will not only change the color of the concrete but also can enhance the polished look. In addition, the concrete can also be scored, lined, or gridded. Since a basic polished concrete looks pale and boring, you can customize it by adding any shape, design, and pattern. One example is when we provide a geometric design to the floor in space. Most of the sophisticated houses have borders that we can also imitate and apply in our polished concrete floors. If used appropriately borders can enhance and add a finishing touch to your flooring.

How Long Will It Take to Install?

Thee concrete floor can be installed in three days and must be left to cure sufficiently before the proper polishing process starts. The whole process will run about at least 14 days, but the temperature and place will vary.


If you are looking for a budget and eco-friendly way to make your floors look sophisticated, polished concrete may be the best thing you consider. Polished Concrete floor doesn’t only improve the design of the concrete but also improve an extremely long life expectancy compared to other flooring types that can also withstand extreme industrial environments.

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