Top 5 Bathroom Trends for 2021

The year 2021 is knocking at the door. If you want to make your bathroom feel brand new, there are many ideas you can look into. But what are the latest trends in bathroom design? Is there any unique feature you should follow? You must know the latest bathroom trends for 2021. The following 5 bathroom trends for 2021.

  1. Classy matte black

Black is bold, black is elegant, black is timeless. Black is trending throughout the fashion world and home décor world. You can find black everywhere—fingernails to faucets, lipstick to light fixtures, and even to the most daring wall of the bedroom. A simple stroke of black can enhance your bathroom’s wow factor dramatically. If you are into black but afraid of overdoing it, try matte black in removable accents like cabinets, door hardware, or mirror frames. But if you feel like to be more daring, try striking matte black faucets and light fixtures, which are more modern and trendy than traditional bronze ones. Loved it? Add some more panache to your bathroom with shower fittings and sinks. Those are still removable if you are not into it that much or weary of it. You can add a focal point for your bathroom with black mirror frames. You can try adding an all-black tub filler accompanied by a black bathtub. Add some drama to it with other black hardware and fixtures. If your inner Maleficent has awakened already, try a bold matte black wall and see how your bathroom transforms like magic.

  1. Walk-in-showers

Walk-in-showers have become design darlings in recent years and are going to reign the bathroom trend in 2021. Walk-in-showers come with a wide range of design such as wet room style, tub and shower combo, even toilet in the showering area. Nay, there is an enclosure alcove style three walls, a corridor style with two walls facing each other, and some walk-in-showers have no walls at all. If you prefer privacy, a nook-style walk-in-shower will indeed work for you. But if you like light and openness more than privacy, a half-walk walk-in shower will be perfect for keeping the bathroom spacious and bright. Multiple showerheads and wall sprays provide maximum relaxation in walk-in-showers. A corner shower featuring a corner bench and several wall sprays is everything you want in your bathroom. You can also opt for glass block walls. Although glass block walls are more 80s things, they are going to make a strong comeback. Any large tiles will work well in walk-in-walls, but marble adds to the luxury.

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  1. Freestanding bathtub

The freestanding bathtub has been trendy in international design lately. The designs vary from traditionally inspired to imaginatively modern. A freestanding tub can instantly transform the look of your bathroom with its elegance. Most importantly, it has outcome its functional importance and became an expressive ornament and an integral part of the bathroom trend in 2021. Freestanding bathtubs are no longer available in pure whites—they can be multicoloured, two-tone, or darker tones, and in all types organic-uterine, round or rectangular shapes. Also, these are available in some common materials like acrylic, fiberglass, and ceramic. Even a natural stone, marble, woods, and metal tubs can add glamour to the bathroom. You can opt for a traditional design featuring classic clawfoot, even can choose the fusion of eastern culture and western vibe. Freestanding bathtubs featuring elegant cast iron details that stylistically characterized the Victorian era and subsequent Art Nouveau and Art Deco decades is a fascinating addition to any bathroom décor. Hammam style freestanding bathtubs, inspired by Japanese bathrooms, with a warm colour reminiscent of earth, desert, and nature, perfectly blends with rich tactile materials, add to the aesthetic pleasure of the bathroom.

  1. Double vanities

The double vanity is so convenient, which gives both the partner ample space for getting ready and an incredible time saver during the morning. You don’t need to worry about space as you can install double vanity even into a small bathroom. The latest trend is a double vanity with big mirrors in simple borders, and in addition to it, cabinets made of natural wood make a bathroom cozy, inviting, and warm. Chocolate brown cabinet topped by white marble countertop—a classic and elegant combination that never goes out of style. Larger vanities usually clog up a lot of space. Diminish the effect by choosing double vanity with open storage for a more airy feel. Sometimes side-by-side double vanity might not work for your bathroom; in that case, opt for a custom solution, face-to-face double vanity. It gives your bathroom a modern outlook by saving up a lot of space. If you are tired of the bulky look of typical double vanity, rather have two separate small vanities. This is perfect for an average-size bathroom without clogging too much space. Scandinavian bathroom with double vessel sink vanity is another latest bathroom trend for 2021. Using contrasting colours and low-hanging lights make the space feel intimate and cozy.

  1. Plants

Plants in the bathroom make any design instantly fresh and, at the same time, revive the mood. Usually, the moisture in the bathroom is suitable for plant growth, but still, if you are worried about keeping your plants alive, you can opt for succulent. Succulents look fantastic on vanities or behind the toilet. However, a large bathroom with large floor plants is the latest bathroom trend. Large potted plants not only create a focal point of your bathroom but also let you use the unused place in a modern way. If you are more into nature, hang some plants from the ceiling for a jungle-like feel. Fresh flowers are a great way to pop up your bathroom with colour and style and revive your bathroom in a classic way. Clawfoot bathtubs are classy indeed, but it becomes even more irresistible when surrounded by lots of greenery. Live plants look classy in almost any setting and décor.

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