The Different Ways Art Can Be Utilized In Your Bedroom

As most of us already know, there are many ways in which you can style your bedroom. We make most of our investment in getting new bedsheets, changing the structure of our bed, getting new furniture, including side tables, and also getting new lighting to change the appearance when the room becomes monotonous. Painting the walls as well as shifting the bed to a different location can also serve as effective steps. But often we overlook what defines the aesthetic of the room. It’s not just expensive stuff that makes the room what it is. Sometimes it’s the smallest of things that can make the difference. When we talk about artwork, we assume that it’s expensive paintings. However, you can also customize your bedroom by having something added to it the way you want. In this section, we discuss the different ways in which art can be utilized for a superb appearance in your bedroom.

Go Ethnic In Design

Be it artifacts, Asian art, or European rugs, there is a lot of ethnic stuff that can add flair and character to your room. Even with the most minute of accents, you can change the look and feel of your room and make them your focal points. We have already discussed how Bohemian styles can add a pop of color and delight to any room. So have the option to layer one thing with the other in multicolored accents to give your room a flamboyant feel. Here are a few ways in which you can go ethnic in design in your room:

1. Handcrafted/Handpainted Curtains: Rod curtains are still a common feature in many homes. Instead of having solids and plains, many people prefer ethnic Indian or Chinese art displayed on them through Aztec tribal or paisley print designs. Many of these curtains boast of very fine, intricate details made from small-town craftsmen. Handmade and handpainted designs are something that you can go for, or have encrypted Vedic symbols encrypted on them. With so many designs already up for display in online shops and brick-and-mortar stores, you won’t have trouble finding the right ethnic designs for your bedroom curtains. If you wish to achieve a balanced look for your window treatments, have your curtains paired with window blinds for a synchronized look that achieves balance and functionality of comfort.

2. Ethnic Print Pillows and cushions: Quite like curtains, pillows and cushion covers work well as small accents which make a big difference to the bedroom space when used correctly. An ethnic design (an image of Buddha, or ancient Chinese text) or one in printed text can work rather well. You can choose multiple cushions in the same design or build pairs of them. This will add the much-needed versatility in the room while keeping it energized and vibrant with an ethnic vibe.

3. A Carved Door: You remember those architectural style doors made out of thick wood and heavy-duty locks used in old houses? Maybe you can have something like that built on your doorway, and restructure your walls to accommodate an entry space like that. The doors may have carved embellishments in Moroccon or Indian design to lend the right ethnic vibe just as you enter the door.

4. Ornate Mirrors: An oval or round mirror can be carved with antique gold or oxidized silver outline to build a classic traditional space on your wall. You can mix different styles up to add a solid orthodox vibe to the place.

A Floral Touch

There is a lot that you can do to give a floral flavor to your bedroom besides the obvious flower vases and floral print frames in your room. Besides the tried and tested, here are some ways you can use the floral theme as an art form.

1. Hand-Drawn Floral Wall Art: If you are a true blue artist, you wouldn’t get it done from an outsider. Put some of your sketching skills to use. Add a few sequins for a refined touch once you’re done with the painting. Even a small string of painted flowers can make it a focal point, whether you draw them besides your window treatments or just above your headboard.

2. Floral Print Bedsheet: Considering that the bed is more often the focus of the room, a floral theme would be incomplete without the bed the following suit. A large single flower print with matching pillow covers should do the job pretty well, and so would medium-sized, equidistant prints on your choice of the bedsheet.

Make Use Of Outdoor Elements

Getting flower pots and plants in and placing them in corners is the right step in making your room the hub of all things natural. Plants are natural air purifiers, so besides being pleasant to the eye, they keep the air inside clean as well. Many online stores offer small, palm-shaped plants that can be kept on your bedside table or lined up on shelves for a synchronized and stylish space. But there are other outdoor elements as well which you can bring indoors to give a superb artistic touch.

1. Creating a pattern on the wall out of broken sticks or bark of trees
2. Arranging planks of wood to create a geometric pattern on the wall
3. Filling small jars, each with different soil or stone patterns, and placing them atop a shelf.

Hang Your Wall Art In Creative Ways

Sure, you may have your movie posters and amazing floral paintings in the choicest of frames. But instead of sticking them up against the wall in the usual way, you can experiment with how they hang on the wall. Chains, ropes, and wires can be used to hang them in a way that they are as prominent as the wall art. It makes for an interesting and different style statement.

Different Lighting Patterns

When you have an understanding of unconventional designs, colors and patterns, you would be willing to experiment with different lighting in your room. It is not about the shapes of lanterns or pendants or the types and colors associated with them. It is also about the patterns of light that they create when used as fixtures on a wall. When used in a different way, lighting can create different moods for a party atmosphere as well as for the purpose of relaxation. The right lighting lends a sophisticated vibe that can be amazingly creative at the same time.

Miscellaneous Memento Items

Do not be afraid to go crazy on ideas. There is not a strict rule that you follow in design, as long as it comes together seamlessly in your living space. A relative’s place that I visited recently had all these items placed together to create a large rectangular space on the wall. And they were all as different as chalk and cheese.

1. An animal portrait
2. A porcelain print plate
3. A framed photograph
4. A cornet
5. A leaf-shaped piece of clay
6. A table tennis racquet

Ultimately, it all depends on how you display items that are personal and close to you. They must reflect your personality but do not get so self-indulgent in your choices that others get too awkward while they are in the room. Your art should have the capacity to woo and impress your guests.

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  1. Levi Armstrong

    I like your idea of hanging artwork in bizarre ways because it’s a unique statement. We had our master bedroom remodeled last month, and today we’re just trying to find decors to use in designing the room. Perhaps I should talk to an art advisory who can help me find the perfect painting I can showcase on my bedroom wall, and talk to them about your tip of hanging it in an unusual way. Thanks for this!

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