Revamping Your Home Décor with Glass Tiles

The home décor industry has revolutionized overtime bringing outrageous and mind-blowing introductions to test its expertise. Similarly, interior designers have started being creative with glass tiles recently.

But you’re most probably wondering how glass, an extremely fragile material, be used to line floors and walls? You can even break it without having to touch it, you just need to hit the right pitch.

Well, rest assured. The glass used for tiles is tested for durability to pressure and weight, its resistance against water and moisture and if it is scratch-able or not. Let’s learn a little about its tile qualities and its uses.

What Makes Glass A Suitable Material For Tiles?

Aesthetic Appeal

The first thing that comes to mind while using glass for home décor is it high visual appeal. This is perhaps one of the most important reasons that attracted the interior designers. Glass has previously been used for decoration pieces, in chandeliers and cutlery. Then why not tiles? It gives the walls and floor a grand and classy look. Pair that with the perfect lightning and complete the look.

Vast Variety and A Plethora of Options

Another benefit of glass tiles is its various options to choose from. It’s never going to be monotonous looking at glass tiles. From colors to designs to making, there’s plenty of selections. There are a few very striking designs of glass tiles – tumbled, stained, translucent glass mosaic, Van Gogh and recycled glass tiles.

Multi-Purpose and Flexible

Glass tiles have also been so trendy because of its flexibility to be used anywhere, bathrooms, kitchens, swimming pool; you name it it’ll fit right in. Moreover, it also complements other materials like stone or expensive wood. Express yourself as you transform your dream house in a masterpiece of artwork.

Long-Lasting and Low Maintenance

Glass has a non-porous, smooth surface and its property of not retaining stain or grease makes it easy to clean and maintain. Just a glass cleaner and wet cloth and its back to as good as new. This also prevents it from progressive wear and tear due to weather elements and also makes it resistant to many chemicals.

Applications and Uses


Be it the flooring in your bathroom or the swimming pool, glass’s durability against water is credible. Also, the glass tiles give water a glassier and sparkling effect. If you still have your doubts you can see some examples of glass pool tiles if you follow this link.

Kitchen Backsplashes

Make your experience fun and colorful. Glass tiles are very popular in kitchen backsplashes not only for their appealing sight but also they can be easily cleaned from grease and stains.

Around the Fireplace

Glass has a high melting point and very resistant to heat. Imagine a cold winter night in front of the fireplace, the glass tiles illuminated by the crackling fire giving the whole room a soothing glow? Use soft colors like gray, white or cream. In the BuyHomeTile online store you can easily find the ideal glass tiles.

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