Perfect Vanity Lighting and Mirrors to Enhance the Beauty of Your Home

ewfGenerally, people do not give much importance to lighting of bathroom vanity mirrors. If you look at it from a practical point of view, bathroom mirrors require proper lighting, because you don’t want to make mistakes while shaving, or while applying makeup.

It is not enough if the lighting looks beautiful, more importantly it should be practically functional. Vanity mirrors come with various good designs and varying quality. How to make sure your bathroom has the best vanity lighting and mirrors?

Bathroom mirrors

A bathroom without a mirror is unimaginable. Getting the right mirror for your bathroom is very important.

  • Size – The size of the vanity mirror must depend upon the size of the bathroom. If the bathroom is large in size, then you can go for double mirrored vanity. Narrow single vanity mirror is ideal for small bathrooms.
  • Shape – Modern vanity mirrors are available in all shapes. You can choose from rectangle shape, round shape, oval shape, and many other funky shapes beyond your imagination. Traditional shape will suit traditional bathrooms, and all shapes will suit modern bathrooms.
  • Mounting – You can go for wall mounting or vanity table mounting. Again, the size of your bathroom decides the type of mounting.

In the bedroom

In bedrooms, dressing tables can serve as both, decorative and functional furniture items.

  • Compact narrow designs are appropriate for smaller bedrooms. If you place them appropriately against the wall, they do not occupy too much space, and they won’t make your rooms look tiny and cluttered. You can even have wall-mounted ones to save on the floor space.
  • Large ones can act as the central point of your bedrooms. Positioning should be done in such a way that it does not hinder your movements.
  • Dressing table mirrors can simply transform you room décor. The room’s spaciousness will get emphasized, if you add more mirrors.
  • A large mirrored wall unit with plenty of storage looks very stylish, and is a smart way of maintaining the flow of simple design throughout.
  • Dressing tables are generally positioned close to a window for reflecting more natural light. In some bedroom, these tables replace the nightstands.

Vanity lighting

It is true that nothing can match the natural light, but natural lighting has become a luxury in the modern multiple storied apartment lives. You have no other option, other than to go for the best vanity lighting.

What are the factors to be considered before choosing the best vanity lighting?

  • Position – Vanity lighting should be positioned on both the sides of the mirror. If your bathroom is large and if the mirror is large, you may need two or more lights on either sides. If not, you will need a single light on both sides. If your mirror is more than four feet in width, positioning of additional lights above the mirror is also essential.
  • Colours of vanity light fixtures – If you want the vanity lights with frames, then you should make sure that they blend with the colours of your walls. Colours that contrast sharply with the wall paint may not look pleasing.
  • Design – The design of the vanity lighting should match the design of the other accessories of the bathroom including faucets, sinks, cabinets and counter tops. For example, if your bathroom is in Victorian style, then the design of vanity lighting should also be in Victorian style.
  • Finish – If the fixtures in your bathroom have a shiny finish, then you should go for vanity lights with chrome or polished silver finish.
  • Cover – Avoid buying bulbs with no covers when you choose bulbs for your bathroom. The direct lighting could be disturbing and blinding. LED lights with frosted glass covers are the best option.

The great news is that you needn’t worry too much about mirror and lighting separately, because you can also buy vanity mirrors with fitted LED lights. You also get Hollywood style mirrors and with LED lights. Just visit to check out new and trendy designs,

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