A Novice Guide to Eye Makeup

Beauty lies in the eye. Eye makeup enhances it by making you look enticing. Use of products like brow pencil, mascara, eyeliner, powder makes a statement. For beginners it is important to understand the importance of every single material used and how to be used. Proper application of makeup is tricky and it needs proper training. Follow this compilation of steps to start with-


Eye liners are very important while doing eye makeup. Keep these points in mind to avoid making mistakes-

  • Make sure the eyelids are oil free, to avoid smudging of eye liner.
  • Keep your eyes open while applying an eyeliner to get a perfect look.
  • Try and keep the mascara near to your eyelashes so that it looks as a part of the eye
  • When you want your eyes to look bigger, use a white pencil in the inner rims and then use the liner outside it. Use pencil rather than a liner.
  • Never stop using an eyeliner because of age issues, rather opt for a lighter shade
  • the color on bottom lashline should not be darker than the color on the top lashline


  • To make eyelashes look longer use the mascara on the root rather than on the outer part.
  • After applying mascara if the eye lashes stick together it does not look good. Try moving the brush again on the eyes.
  • Use eyelash curler before or after using a mascara.
  • Use tissue paper for bottom eye lashes to avoid from the mascara from scattering
  • Try using a base first to make the mascara last longer.

Eye Shadow

  • Use an eyeshadow according to your skin tone, it makes a lot of difference
  • Never use the same color of eyeshadow as the color of the eyes. You can also try using different colors of lenses.
  • To get smokey eyes, keep the color to the lid without extending it over the crease
  • Know your type of eye and identify areas where highlight, midtone contour should be applied.

Also try these simple steps for a perfect look-

  • Use a blotting paper to remove any mounted area, it will avoid any smudging
  • To have perfectly curled eyelashes , you can try blow drying the curling before using it on the eyes
  • Try pairing up a dark shade lipstick with a light eye makeup. It will look subtle and suit your face
  • have well maintained eye brows, nothing looks better on such eyes
  • Eye make sticks to the eyes better if you use primer on the eyelids and brow bone before starting applying make up
  • Apply concealer to dark zone under your eye
  • The placement of highlights is very important while creating a natural eye makeup. Your lighter colors (whites, creams, and pearls) should be applied in the inner corners, the middle of the eye, and just under your brow bone. Apply your lightest colors first, and then move on to your darker shades.
  • Replace your mascara after every 3 or 4 months
  • The placement of your shadows and liners is important. A perfect look will make them look wider, bolder and prominent.

Use these steps and do let us know how it worked out for you.

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