Often Forgotten Home Maintenance

home-maintenanceImprovement and maintenance is a never ending cycle of to-dos that beg for homeowners' attention. There are seasonal and annual things that need to be done as well as emergency repairs that crop up depending on the age of your home. These repairs mean that there are some important home maintenance needs that can easily get overlooked.

Failure to attend to these maintenance tasks could lead to costly problems later on. Here are a few often forgotten home maintenance tasks that you need to place on your to-do list today.

Duct clean your HVAC system

It's easy to ignore your HVAC system because it is not something that you see all the time. Duct cleaning the system on a consistent basis will save you a lot of expensive repairs. Another benefit in keeping it clean is that it will ensure that your indoor air is free from contaminants.

Carpet cleaning

Deep cleaning of carpets and other upholstery are also ignored until they become obviously filthy. In depth cleaning of floors, furniture and window treatments will help to remove deep seated dirt and debris that can cause allergies and other respiratory problems. Surface vacuuming is not enough deep clean your carpet and upholstery at least twice a year.

Check insulation in the attic

Even if you only visit your attic once or twice a year you need to check that area to ensure that it is properly insulated especially before it gets cold. Properly insulated attics will prevent heat from escaping and conserve your energy bill. It will also prevent cold air from coming in and freezing any nearby pipes.

Pest control

Pests are not always obvious and some homeowners believe that because they are not visible they are not there. Perform routine checks for bugs and other pests because by the time they make themselves visible a lot of damage may have already been done. Have a professional from a pest company come in and check for pests at least once a year.

Roof and gutters

It's not every day that homeowners get atop the roof. Leaves and dirt need to be cleared out of the gutters. The roof should be checked for loose tiles and leaks and the downspouts checked for damages. While you're up there check the flashing around the chimney for breaks.


Air filters on the central air conditioning system will need to be changed regularly especially during long summers. Remove the window unit when not in use and change air filters in dryers, fans and stove vents. Clean air filters will ensure that the air in the room is kept clean.

Leaky faucets

Leaky faucets need to be repaired before it gets cold outside. Check the pipes in the bathroom, kitchen and washroom for leaks and repair them because a leaky faucet is cheaper and easier to repair than a broken pipe.


Some homeowners use their fireplace as their primary heat source during the winter. Last year's ashes need to be cleaned up and the damper needs to be opened up to allow for the free flow of air through the chimney. Make sure that the handle and springs on the damper are working the way it should and bring a professional chimney sweep in for a thorough clean.

Hot water heater

Hard water can cause sediment to accumulate in your tank. Drain the heater, check for rust and clean if the rusting is not too bad. If there is excessive rust it might be time to replace purchase a new heater.

Drafty windows and doors

When the AC is running you can lose cold air through cracks in windows and doors. The same goes for heat in the winter time. Check the seals and caulking around windows to ensure that they're intact. Check for cracks and areas that need insulating and use heavy drapes to block air infiltration.

What home maintenance tasks have you been guilty of neglecting?

By: Kole for Garth Fire Protection

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