Indoor Fireplaces – an Overview

Indoor Fireplaces

The concept of fireplaces has been there in one form or another, since the existence of ancient human civilizations. The fireplace you know today have been warming many homes since ages. Although, it has been through an array of evolution.

The indoor fireplace that we know today is not just limited to the traditional wood-burning fireplace. They have transformed with time and the need of the hour. In addition to the conventional wood burning fireplaces, today, the varied range encompasses gas burning fireplace, ethanol burning fireplace, and electric fireplaces. All these fireplaces have different versions and different maintenance requirements.

1. Wood Burning Fireplaces

The traditional wood burning fireplaces need no introduction. They are instantly related to romantic winters and the first thing to pop up in your mind when you think about a warm and cozy hearth.

Wood Burning Fireplace

Wood burning fireplaces can be open or enclosed. Additional versions include fireplace inserts and wood burning stoves. The traditional open wood burning fireplaces are typically made of stone or brick. They offer the most authentic and romantic wood burning feeling ever because of their look and the typical smell. Chimney venting requires a fair amount of effort.

As the name suggests, the enclosed fireplaces are enclosed (duh!). Typically, there is a large glass panel attached to enclose the fireplace. Here, the idea that works out is that less heat escapes out, making the room warmer.

Fireplace inserts are a ready-made fireplace that just slides into existing fireplaces. They are also enclosed and fuel-efficient. Coming to the last kind, wood burning stoves are not wood burning fireplaces exactly, but they offer the same wood burning feel without needing a fireplace.

2. Gas Burning Fireplaces

When it comes to the authentic feel, gas burning fireplaces lose, but if you are practical enough to know its advantages, you will love them. They burn more cleanly and are warmer at an affordable pricing. The other bonus is that they need less installation construction.

Gas Burning Fireplaces

The gas burning fireplaces could be either a direct-vented built-in fireplace or ventless built-in fireplace. The direct-vented built-in fireplaces are vented through an existing or a newly made chimney. Alternatively, one can also use a pipe.

The ventless built-in fireplaces do not need a chimney or a pipe, so they are the easiest to install. Though, they lack the traditional wood burning feel to a large extent as the flame colour is blue.

3. Ethanol Burning Fireplaces

Ethanol burning fireplaces are very modern in appearance so the fans of typical wood burning hearth might not find this one appealing. Although, it’s the current trend because of easy installation and its clean and odour-free design.

Ethanol Burning Fireplaces

Besides the attributes stated above, these fireplaces are eco-friendlier, though they might not bring in much heat. Another advantage is that they are more aligned to contemporary need as they are budget-friendly and can readily suit any interior décor. Their variants can be seen as fireplace conversions; wall mounted fireplaces and table-top fireplaces.

If you already have a fireplace, you can just slide the ethanol burning fireplace insert in there. You can find a decent variety regarding design. On the other hand, the wall mounted ethanol fireplaces are a combination of a fireplace and a centerpiece since they can be mounted on a wall at any place. Table-top fireplaces look quite impressive as an artistic piece. They are portable and come in various sizes.

4. Electric Fireplaces

The last variant is electric fireplace which is most cost-effective of all. They are easy to install and let you switch on-off the heating function as you wish. They could be of two sorts – an electric mantle fireplace or an electric fireplace with a TV stand and entertainment centers. The mantle version is designed to give the feeling of a traditional wood fireplace while the TV and entertainment centers fireplace versions come attached with media furniture.

Electric Fireplaces

Well, that was all about different indoor fireplace options. Though if you are looking for one to install in your house, always look for various options and consider your requirements before committing to one. If you already have one, do make sure the chimneys are properly cleaned as they give birth to various hazardous diseases. Chimney sweep Brighton or in any other place can be easily availed.

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