Garage Door Repair and Installation Tips for Better Home Security

Home security is a big deal. Many homeowners fail to realize that the garage door can often be one of the many vulnerable points an intruder targets when casing your home. In fact, it’s reported that the garage door access point accounts for 9% of home invasions.

A home invasion may only happen once, however, the violation of your home, privacy, and peace of mind is something that can last forever. The best thing you can do to proactively protect yourself against it is with some of the best in class garage door security options that many local service professionals supply, in addition, to performing som cost-effective repairs. If your unsure of which product is the best for your home, try calling a local door company. A local garage door repair/installation service should be able to provide you with informed advice.

Installation Options

Many garage door brands and suppliers will offer security options that help strengthen the security of your garage. Below we will highlight a few that are provided by industry leaders.

MyQ Accessories

Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door Opener accessories are the most recent technological advancement that keeps your property and family safe. Equipped with smart technology, they make it easier for you to open and close your garage door remotely using a smartphone, a computer or an ordinary remote and keypad.

With the invention of MyQ accessories, you can remotely help anyone who is locked up in the garage. You can as well block out invaders by remotely switching on the lights to scare them away. Their tiny design fits well in a home or an office, but the applications are limitless. It essentially helps you control access to your garage door and get alerts when you forget to lock your garage door or when someone accesses it while you’re away.

Liftmaster Rolling Code Technology

Rolling code technology protects your home against burglars through technology that generates a new security code every time the remote control is used on your garage door opener. As soon as the remote start the garage door opener, an exclusive algorithm generates a unique code to that effect. Every new code is discarded immediately after use as the opener can only respond to a new code on subsequent use of the remote control. This increases the level of security as stolen codes become useless to burglars.

Garage Door Smartphone Apps

Mobile Apps have taken garage door security to a whole new level. Smart garage opener is important for those whose garage doors act as a connecting door to their house. By installing mobile Apps that controls the locks on your garage door, home security is ensured by a simple click on your smartphone with the command to either shut or open your garage door. Having unrestricted and regular right of entry to your garage door is important to every homeowner. Smart garage opener is the best security measure to employ for those living in areas with high insecurity as it enables you to receive alerts through phone notifications or via email about your door activity.

Garage Door Tune-Up Regular garage door repair is an important part of enhancing your overall home security because most burglars take advantage of garage door flaws to break in. For instance, your garage door has trouble closing

tightly, burglars can use modified wires to trigger the emergency release system using that tinny space left.

Installation of Automated Deadbolt

Automated Deadbolt enhances the security of your garage door by making it impossible for burglars to access your garage. It automatically locks and unlocks the garage door simultaneously with the normal garage door operation. It produces a sound of an engaging lock that signals that your garage door is safe. A deadbolt provides the best protection to your door against storms and high winds and can be opened manually if need be. Automatic deadbolt makes the garage door physically impenetrable by burglars even if they manage to trigger the emergency release system.

Garage Door Repair Options

Often times a breach in your security could happen as a result of past due repairs to the garage-door that were overlooked. For optimum security, do a review of your garage door and make sure everything is sealed up tight. You may want to address the following areas.

Repair or Replace the Garage Door Seals

A popular means through which burglars access the garage is via worn out garage door seals or door that do not close flush to the frame. Seals are rubber strips found on the edges of the garage door whose function is to prevent the garage door and provide for a tight, more secure door. However door seals deteriorate after years of exposure to extreme heat from the sun in summer and cold weather during winter. This could cause insecurity if the broken seals are not rectified immediately.

Burglars take advantage of any security loopholes available. If your door is not flush and or has gaps where the seal has folded this makes it easier for the old loop and hook method for burglars. Using a fashioned metal rod burglars can push past your seal and loose fitting door and release your emergency handle. Leaving your garage door unsecured and enabling it to be opened. For that reason, you need to seal all loopholes that could make your garage vulnerable, including worn out seals. In addition to the above technologies, smart garage door installation and regular garage door repair as a security measure, there are other common sense ways to protect your garage, such as keeping the door shut, adding lights, and covering windows among others. Take time to appraise your garage’s weakest points to limit the chance of break-in.

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