How to Secure Your Garage Before You Go on a Vacation

Whether you are out for a business trip or a family vacation, you would want to make sure that your home is safe and secure. You want to ensure that everything is tied up before leaving home. The last thing you would want is giving thieves an access to enter your home and steal.

Keeping your garage safe is one of the ways to introduce security to your home. Follow these tips and implement them before heading out for your planned trip. It is because homes with attached RV garage are more vulnerable and susceptible to burglary, as the large size of the RV garages brings in the notion that the house or family is a wealthy and affluent one, with luxury items.

#1. Enlist Your Neighbors

This is a good time to actually get a trusted neighbor or friend to look after your home. In fact, you can let one of them park their car in your driveway. That way, anyone can think that somebody is inside your home and thus discourages thieves. If you are out for a very long time, enlist someone who can get the flowers watered and grass trimmed. This is another way to keep your home looking as though it is being lived in.

#2. Go for Reliable Locks

Like it or not, your garage door can serve as a beacon for thieves due to the fact that they are so easy to acquire entry. Start securing it by disabling the electric garage door opener. You may also resort to using padlocks which will be used on your door’s overhead latch. If you want entry to be even more impossible, try bolting a hole in the track of the door.

#3. Bring With You the Garage Door Opener

If you are traveling with the whole pack, it is ideal to bring with you the garage door opener. While you can always leave it inside your home, it is still better to keep it safe within your reach. Besides, you do not want burglars to get their hands into this device. Otherwise, they will gain entry to your garage with ease.

#4. Get a Home Monitoring System

By now, you should have understood the importance of using a home monitoring system. Not only is it essential for the safety of your home, you can also choose a version that perfectly fits your security needs. For instance, there are home security systems that provide a live video feature that you can remotely access anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet. You can even view it from your phone using an app. In any case, the footage is in real-time, allowing you to check and see what is happening in your home or garage. This is a small investment that can provide you with massive benefits.

#5. Keep a Low Profile on Social Media

With the existence of social media sites, you just cannot help but share whatever updates you have in your life. But, as much as possible, do not advertise online your vacation before taking off for the trip. It is even a good idea to delete any information that pertains to your home address and phone number. The latter, in particular, is one of the ways to link a certain address.

#6. Adding Metal Bars

Make your garage’s windows impenetrable by adding metal bars inside them. This should make it difficult for anyone to breach your garage through the window. Additionally, you can cover these windows with shades, blinds, films, or anything that stop eyes from prying. You do not want to stir the interest of thieves, do you?

#7. Lighting

Want another way to discourage thieves from approaching your garage or home? Install a lighting system around your house’s exterior. Make sure, however, to add lights to the area near the garage door. You want to ensure that anyone who tries to approach the property does not have the privacy of the darkness. More importantly, add a timer on your garage light, so it automatically turn on or off on a regular basis. This somehow provides the illusion that you are home.

#8. Lock All Valuables in a Safe

Even a rookie thief knows that the bedroom is the first place to check for valuables. This is where you will need the help of a safe, so you can secure your valuables there. If you do not have the budget to shell out for the safe, keep your valuables somewhere unusual. This could be the kitchen, bathroom closet, trash bin inside your home, or anywhere inconspicuous.

#9. Advertise Your Security

While you do not want your social media world to know about your vacation, you want burglars to know that your home has a security system installed. This is where you advertise the system by posting stickers near access points, such as the garage door, porch, and front and back door. This is a simple method that provides efficiency in discouraging would-be criminals. Besides, these stickers will not break your wallet, so why not invest in them!

#10. Use a Smartphone Security App

Interestingly, there are apps that notify you whenever there is a security breach made. These apps usually come in handy with the security system you bought. Others can be downloaded online but you will have to connect them on your existing security system. And mind you, it can also alert authorities, which is pretty neat considering you are miles away.

If you want a peace of mind while you are out for a vacation, start securing your garage now. Follow the aforementioned tips and make sure to implement them religiously. Only can you focus on enjoying and relaxing when you are no longer worried about the security of your home.

If you have any questions, please ask below!