Fire Safety Tips for Your Home

Fire is an important element of the environment. Without fire, human civilization would have never grown and we would have still lived in the world of stones. However, this miracle of nature can be the worst enemy of man and can cause endless misery and loss of life if not tamed properly. Fire can be very dangerous if it starts in a favorable conditions and can result in loss of life and property. It can burn houses after houses if it is not put out at the right time. The best way to be safe is to follow the safety tips which will protect you and your dear ones from any fire related accidents.

Here are 5 fire safety tips that you must follow to be protected.

1. Install and maintain fire alarms:

Fire alarms can help many people to get the time for escaping the place where fire is caught. It is a good decision for you and your family to install a smoke alarm which will help you to know any kind of serious condition occurring at your home due to fire or smoke. Installing fire alarms is usually easy and inexpensive but you must remember that if these alarms don't work at the right time, they will be of no use at all. So, you need to maintain them.


Check them regularly and replace the batteries to keep them active at all times. You should also check the sensitivity of the fire alarm to make sure they will alert you in time when an emergency occurs. If fire is not detected in time, it can become very hard to control it and prevent it from doing more damage.

2. Fire escape plan:

Making a fire escape plan and practicing it can be a very good idea as it will help a lot in time of need. You should make a home and office fire escape plan and practice it on a regular basis so that everyone can know what they have to do at the time of emergency. Specially, kids at home and schools should practice this plan so that they can remember the plan and follow it when there is fire.

Fire Escape Plan

You should also specify where everyone has to gather in case of fire emergencies so that missing people can be pin pointed as soon as possible. There should also be a person responsible for calling the emergency rescue services to stop the fire. You also need to indicate the safest emergency exit. Fire drills should be done in offices and schools to make people aware of the plans and make them prepared.

3. Safety with fire:

You have to follow the rules to be safe while working with fire specially in the kitchen or while working with candles. Firstly, you should keep children away from kitchen stoves and candles. You should not leave lit stoves unattended or this can cause a fire to start. Never wear clothes made of fabrics which catch fire easily.

Fire Safety

Always keep your candles in tall cabinets where children cannot touch it. Always put off the fire of your kitchen after the cooking is done. Don't throw lit cigarettes on to the ground or even in the waste basket as these can also start a fire.

4. Use electricity safely:

An electric short circuit can also cause a dangerous fire which can severely harm you home and family. Make sure that all your electric lines are properly insulated and electric cables are placed in a safe place. Never place them in a small spot where they can get damaged or there is a chance that they can be touched by children. Check all your electric cords regularly to make sure they are not cracked or frayed. Replace anything which is having problems to be on the safe side.

electrical safety

Don't tamper with fuse boxes by yourself if you are not qualified to do so. Unplug electronic devices when they are not being used. If you suspect that any of your appliances is having a trouble repair it immediately. Also have a regular inspection from your power company at least once a year to make sure that everything is safe and is working perfectly.

5. Install water sprinklers inside your home:

Installing sprinklers can help to save your home from fire. This can prevent loss of life as well as possessions. If you are eager to remodel your house and make it safer, sprinklers are the best things to be added into your home. If any smoke or fire starts, the sprinklers will start sprinkling water inside your home so that the fire is put out automatically.


Many fire alarm systems also offer sprinklers inside it. However, it is better to have more sprinklers in your house to be safe. There is one important thing you must remember: Do not use sprinklers if there is an electrical short circuiting as it can result in more problems. It is ideal to have sprinklers in living room and kitchen but not near the power supply outlets.

All these rules can help you to keep your home safe from fire if followed properly. You should remember that prevention is better than cure. Our little ignorance can be the cause of a lot of losses for us and even be the reason of the destruction of our sweet home.

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