Door Hardware Buying Guide

Lots of people struggle when they must upgrade the doors of their homes. There are so many different options available it can be almost impossible to narrow it down.

If you have never had to choose a new door or new door hardware for your home, then there are some things that you need to learn. There are several different types of doors and hardware, and there are multiple types of finishes available for each option.

Narrowing down the best choice for you will depend on deciding what you need from your door hardware.

The importance of selecting the right door hardware

If you are looking to bypass barn door hardware then you will need to select the right type of hardware to replace it. If you do not select the right type of hardware, then it will not match the door, so you will not be able to install it.

Door hardware must be properly fitted for it to be compatible with a door. Not all doors are the same size. You can pick outdoor hardware if that is not compatible with your door and be completely unusable.

Before you decide to look at door hardware, study the doors you are working on in your home and determine what kind of door hardware they will need. Once you have determined the type of door hardware needed, you can go out and start looking at your options.

Deadlock versus door handle

There are typically two different main types of door hardware. There is the deadbolt or deadlock, and then there is also the door handle. Deadbolts or deadlocks are more secure and will be more difficult to break down with force.

If you want that most secure type of lock that your door can have them do, you want to choose a deadbolt. Door locks are not as difficult for you to kick in if you need it. They are also a little quicker for you to use than a deadbolt is.

Electronic versus Keyed

Door hardware can be separated between electronic locks and regular keyed door locks. Electronic door locks offer several benefits that you will not find with regular conventional keyed entry doorways.

If you have an electronic door lock and have someone who needs to stop by your home, but you will not be there, you do not need to give them a key. You can simply give them a code that they can use to access your home.

Some of these electronica door locks won’t sync up with your smartphone, so you can monitor whether your door is locked or unlocked from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Different types of finishes

Choosing door hardware culminates in selecting the right type of finish. There are multiple types of finishes available for your door hardware. These mainly affect your door hardware’s aesthetic and not their performance, so it is a personal opinion on what type of finish is the most suitable for your home.

See there are so many different types of different finishes that it is difficult to decide which will match your home the most. Chrome finishes are typically better if you want to give your home a modern appearance.

Brushed metal is typically the better choice if you want to make your home into a styled house after antique homes. You can normally find pewter bronze and brass available, so you have multiple color options if you decide to work with brushed metal.

Should door hardware finishes match throughout a home?

If your door hardware does not match throughout your home, it can create a rather jarring disconnect for your home’s aesthetic experience. You probably do not notice when you are in the house how all of your doorknobs match. This is because we spend most of our lives surrounded by this type of styling.

It is so ubiquitous that we simply overlook it. However, as soon as you break this pattern, it will become almost impossible for you to ignore it. If you want to have the best experience and the best results for your home when upgrading the door hardware, then you should definitely make sure that all of the different upgrades match each other.

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