Beginner's Guide to Leather Club Chairs

Beginner's Guide to

The leather club chair has been considered a charming piece of furniture for centuries. Often considered a symbol of comfort, luxury, and style, it provides the perfect place for relaxation which makes it a popular choice for many homes.


The leather club chair dates back to the 1850s when gentlemen's clubs were trendy. These clubs allowed men to meet and retreat from their households for a short time. There, the men would sink into well-upholstered leather chairs, relaxing with a drink or a cigar at hand. Over the years these same chairs have been referred to as the "Club Chair."

In the 19th century the club chair's popularity surged, and in the 20th century it found its way into restaurants, libraries, and offices. The leather club chair still remains in high demand even today.



Club chairs are classic, large, well-padded, low-backed chairs. They were primarily crafted to accommodate the larger male frame which explains the extra-roomy seating.

Their design is simple yet comfortable, initially avoiding feminine styles. But over the years these chairs moved beyond gentlemen's clubs. They entered both casual and upscale dining areas while evolving into stylish, comfortable chairs for both men and women.

Why leather?

For starters, leather suits the chair's sleek and masculine design. This material is extremely durable and can last a lifetime if given proper care and attention. In fact, many furniture experts say that it is five times more wearable than fabric upholstery. Leather also gives a touch of class and luxury to any piece of furniture. Lastly, unlike most materials leather gets better as years go by.

Things to consider before buying a leather club chair



Quality is perhaps the most important consideration before making a purchase. Not sure how to check for quality?

  • Look for a manufacturer with a reputation for good quality.
  • Avoid synthetic leather as it degrades quickly.
  • Pay attention to patches, discoloration, and cracks.
  • Choose a classic design-one that is easy to work with different decorating styles.
  • Ask for the type of wood used as the frame. Hardwood such as maple will not weaken with use.
  • Don't be afraid to purchase antique leather club chairs. While they do have a certain amount of wear, these chairs are unique and very valuable. They also offer an instant sense of class and history to any room.


Of course, buy a piece that has the look and feel you enjoy since it will likely be around for a long time. Choose a look that doesn't only suit you but rather one that gets you excited as well.


Genuine leather club chairs, like other things that can be used for many years to come, can be more expensive than fabric upholstered club chairs. In fact, the initial price can be up to 50% more than their counterparts. However, it is also an investment. High quality leather club chairs generally retain value as well. Selling the chair in the future could result in a greater resale value.

Online vs. offline shopping

While brick-and-mortar furniture retailers can give the satisfaction of "feeling" the leather club chairs before actually paying for them, buying furniture online can often prove to be a better option. Here are a few reasons why.

  • Buying leather club chairs online can result in large savings. Offline sellers have overhead costs such as the cost of leasing and other utilities that can get rolled into the final sale price of all items.
  • Online sellers have tons of information on their website, including cost, policies on shipping, delivery, and warranties. This means less room for unexpected expenses.

Leather club chairs can make for a beautiful piece of furniture and wonderful investments. Hopefully this guide will prove helpful when purchasing your first or even tenth leather club chair.

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