5 Small Things to Make Your Living Room Unique

The world of interior decorations has seen a sudden boom in recent years and there is abundance in the types of products that you can use. There is also a complication that has arisen due to the commercialisation of the industry and that is duplication of style and design. Almost all major brands and leading stores have identical décor leading their market and it does get boring. No one wants their houses to be filled with mass-produced designs. It is also important for one to remember that our houses are our personal spaces and is seen as a reflection of our personality. They are a projection of our temperament and for that to be appropriate, it has to be unique. The house is the first impression you make on anyone who visits, and it is necessary that it speaks out what we want it to speak out. The ideal adaptation should be of our houses to ourselves and not the other way around. We should not be forced to adhere to the pre-made styles and designs that are made available to us and asked to find ourselves in the limited availability.

The living room is like the clothing of the house. It is the part of us that is presented for everyone to see and make their judgments on. It is the physical manifestation of how we want to present ourselves. It is this room that you entertain your guests in and it is here that one makes the first impression of the house. Everyone has their own ideas of decorating this room. While some maintain a similar theme that runs throughout the house, others might adapt different ones for different rooms. Some may prefer a traditional interior with a colonial touch other may go for a more contemporary and sleeker finish. The new trend in the market is that of a bohemian chic styling of the interiors with abundant prints and laces.

No matter what styling you go for, there is a chance that you might run out of ideas and end up replicating someone else’s style. There is no problem in being inspired by someone else or by something else, but copying it is a disservice to your own house. You should always be on a look-out for new ideas and trends and experiment with it. We have listed down a list of 5 things that are unique and that will make your living room stand out from everyone else’s. These are just small tips and tricks and require a few adjustments. They are not centric to a particular theme or style and you can customise them according to your own house. The idea is to get your creative mind ticking when it has taken a pause.

  1. Play with lighting– You have no idea how much difference the lighting of a room can make to the entire appearance of the room. So, if you are looking to change the look of a room without making some structural shifts, lighting should be your go-to option. The reason why these can make your living room unique is because of the variety in the number of ways it can be used. From ceiling lights to floor lights to even table lamps, the options are not limited by any parameter and you can amp up space without much worry. For example, if you just cannot think of anything to fix in the corner, you can put up a good and stylish floor lamp that stands either in contrast to your entire setting or blends perfectly in. If your room is set in hues and tones of blue, you can either put up a floor lamp that has a solid yellow shade or one that is also in blue but has a print or pattern. Similarly, floor lighting too is not a much-used idea for it is expensive. If you can afford it, you should really consider this option. The cue to making it work is by keeping it subtle and minimal. A gentle strip running behind your sofa or softly peeking from beneath your bar table are some good options. It will illuminate your room from a different angle and give it a much different appearance.
  2. Do not shy away from contrasts– Contrasts work wonders for any room and this can be implied in many ways. In terms of furniture, if you have your living room all wooden, try setting up a chair that comes in primary colours. The way to make this work is by not overdoing this. If it is colour contrast that you are working on, don’t go for a different form or different material. Just pick up one feature of furniture that you want to stand out. Go for a wooden chair that is similar to other wood items but has a solid colour instead. The game of contrasts works very well with wall papers and paints also. You can make one of your walls stand out from the rest. A good way of doing so is by keeping one wall printed and patterned while the rest can be of a subdued solid colour. This can be done with window coverings, carpets and so on.
  3. Use drapes and curtains– I am sure there are so many types of window coverings that you can rather employ because of their other advantages, but the drapes and curtains allow you for more creativity. There is a huge number of pints and styles that you can choose from plus there are so many accessories that you can do so much with. You can have a unique set up of the room just by using a unique print or colour. These window coverings have a dominant role in the appearance of the room and can define it so heavily. You can also add so many little things like curtain bands, strings and even caps for curtain rods. These small things may not seem like much, but they do set the tone of your room. It is in these little intricacies that you find your uniqueness and drapes and curtains give you the liberty to do so. So, if your room allows for it these are the best options to consider.
  4. Put up some plants– It is understandable that you might be wary of putting up plants inside your house because of the insects it might invite and the care it would require, but there are many house plants that don’t do either of those things. Having plants inside your room gives it a lively and bright appearance. They add to the volume of the room and give it a ‘homier’ look. Not to forget that plants also add to the vibe of a room and bring in positivity and a good charm. You can make use of the vertical space of the room which remains largely unexplored. Plants are the only things that can be put up at such height and not look weird. There is such a wide range to experiment with also. From creeper and climbers to small potted plants to even large ones, the house plants purify the air and add to the ambience. That is why it should be adopted as one of the most widely used items of interior decoration. Again, overflowing your living room with plants is not such a good idea. The key is to keep it sparse but visible.
  5. Don’t compartmentalise your room– A common mistake that most of us end up making is that we compartmentalise our room. And we do this without being mindful. We have a certain idea of where our seating space is and where our dining space is and so on. You aim should be to break away from such set conventions. Don’t be scared to have different seating styles in different areas. For example, if you have a standard sofa in the middle of the room, try shifting it way t a corner and set up another with lounge chairs and leather bean bags. Same goes for decorations too. Shoving all your show pieces into one cabinet is not a great idea either. Instead, try arranging your crockery in the cabinet and distribute these decorative pieces over the room such as on top of cabinets, on the side table and so on. Even though we don’t intend to, we end up making this mistake and it brings down the whole appearance of the room. Going the other way will not only break away from this convention but set your room apart from any other.

If you are someone who likes to break away from the set standard and want to stand out, these tips are the cue for you to do so with your house. As we said, these are broad ideas and you will have to customise them according to your own taste and requirement. After all, nothing is more unique than your own mind and only by trusting your instincts can you set yourself.

If you have any questions, please ask below!