Ideas for Modern Office Décor

Office DécorInterior design can make a bold statement about an office. Hopefully, the design you choose makes the right statement. Be cutting-edge instead of cheesy. For the love of design, leave the 80's alone. No one wants to see the color bright purple mixed with aqua ever again. Find a cost-effective way to make a bold and classy statement. Think about creative ways to combine an industrial look with modern design. For example, using prefabricated and perforated sheet metal can be a great focal point for a room.

Idea #1: A Unique Backsplash

Baby blue backsplashes are largely outdated. Sometimes, more current colors such as burgundy end up looking cheap rather than cool when used as a backsplash. It is important to recognize that an office space should not try to resemble a living room. Use prefabricated sheet metal from the right sheet metal supply company to make a modern statement. Sheet metals can be used with different textures and finishes. Combine a sheet metal backsplash with organic features such as potted plants for a less industrial look.

Idea #2: Metal Artwork in Lobbies

Metal artwork can be completed by etching pictures that are hung on the wall or by welding different types of metal to form sculptures. Modern art is truly in the eye of the beholder. Even better, it is easy to display metal art for cheap or for free. Many artists want to build their professional portfolios and resumes. Hanging art for one year with recognition is a good incentive for many artists to temporarily "donate" their work. Changing art in lobbies and reception areas can also be interesting for repeat customers.

Idea #3: Functional Metal Art

Everyone has seen a normal magazine rack in a waiting room. Recruit local artists to design the right magazine rack that doubles as metal artwork. Keep a waiting space current and interesting. Give people something to do rather than think about how much longer they have to wait. Or, turn a lobby into a destination. Charge more for rental space with extra features in a lobby. Corporations typically do not want clients to visit an office space that looks cheap and outdated. Use functional metal art to improve the quality of office space in a large area for multiple corporations.

Idea #4: Go Avant-Garde

Consider turning a waiting area into a take on modern art. Think about how unconventional wall materials such as different types of sheet metal and mirrors could make a lobby look modern, cutting-edge, and spacious. Market a creative business by having a creative office space. Give clients the right impression with the right avant-garde designs in your office.

Idea #5: Have Small Industrial and Organic Notes to Brighten a Personal Office

Modern décor does not have to be modern art. Optimizing available space can make a place look more modern and current. Add small touches that clearly differentiate your office space from a living room. Have a more inviting work environment all to yourself for most of the time. Further separate the mindset between work and home to boost productivity.

Get Creative and Go For It

Resist the urge to damage dry wall or offend clients. Use simple ideas to make office space look more modern, interesting, and cutting-edge.

If you have any questions, please ask below!