What to Know About Lawn Scarifiers: An Overview

A lawn scarifier is a tool that is used to cut through the soil. It is mostly referred to as a dethatcher. This tool is used to get rid of dead moss and for grass cutting. There are different types of lawn scarifiers; some are powered by electricity, some are manual, and some use petrol. At times, the lawn scarifier can also be referred to as lawn raker.

Types of Lawn Scarifiers


Electric LawnScarifier

This type of scarifier is powered by electricity. It has different wire connections embedded in it and can be reliable to work fine. They are usually perfect for a lawn area of about 100 to 250 square meters. They are very convenient and easy to use because of their light weight. Some of them come with a rechargeable battery while others require a permanent power supply. They are great for small and medium lawns. They are quite expensive but there are different manufacturers and some models can be bought at a cheaper rate, depending on the manufacturer.


Petrol Lawn Scarifier

This kind of device is desirable when the mossy lawn is larger, over 300 square meters. Petrol lawn scarifiers are remarkable and extremely efficient and with their sharp blades, they can cut the grasses in a smooth fashion. Petrol lawn scarifiers cut through thatches with sharp blades and have a relatively low chance of damage. Although they are expensive, and a better option would be to rent rather than buy, they are worth the investment.


Blade Scarifier

They are mostly used by professionals. They usually come with interchangeable blades which ensure that they can be used for both moss and dethatch purposes. There are different price rates for this type of raker, and they depend on the manufacturer. But it’s best to get the one that fits your purpose no matter the cost.


Lawn Mower

They are perfect for dethatching lawns. The mower rake is used for light raking or reducing moss from the lawn. If dethatching is your main goal, lawn mowershave a no better substitute, although that doesn’t mean they are more simple to use or cheaper to buy.


Manual Hand Held Scarifier

For an easy job, especially with small lawns, there is no better option than the handheld scarifier. They are handled manually and pushed around to get the job done. Such device is simple to use and isn’t too expensive to buy.

Now that you understand what a lawn scarifier is, it is important to understand how to use it. Although most people might assume it is just a plug and play machine, it is a lot more than that.

How to Use a Scarifier

Before using a scarifier on your lawn, it is important to plan ahead. It is important to inspect the lawn weeks before the cutting. It is preferable to ensure that the moss is dead and dried up before cutting. A good way to kill the moss is by spraying a moss killer all over the lawn; in the coming days, the moss would look brown or black, indicating that it is dead. Then you can use the scarifier on the lawn. The purpose of drying up the moss before cutting them is to allow for an easy cleaning afterward.

How Frequently Should the Lawn Scarifier be used?

The use of the scarifierlargelydepends on the location and weather conditions. Your personal preference on how you want your lawn to look like could also determine how and how often you want to use the raker on it. Usually, the growing season is the autumn or late spring, and since you are expected to rake your lawn when it is the most prolific, these seasons wouldn’t be a bad time to use the raker. Naturally, once a year is best for scarifying your lawn. But if the moss is always out of control, twice a year can do the trick. It is important to be careful because the regular raking of lawn can destroy the root and prevent growth in that area.

Alternatives to Scarifiers

They are other tools that can be used on your lawn to produce a similar result. A garden raker can always do the trick and it allows for minimum damage in comparison to the lawn raker, although it greatly depends on the size of your lawn. A trowel and a fork can also be used to remove debris from the lawn. There are also lawn spikes – they can also serve as a wonderful alternative to a scarifier. But their uses is limited as they are mostly suitable for small lawns or gardens.

As stated earlier, the lawn scarifier is a remarkable tool that can be used for moss remover and lawn dethatching. But they are built for different purposes. There are some tailored to small lawns while others are intended for professional users. Eben though some of them are really expensive, it is important to know their features before acquiring one.

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