Guide to Choosing and Planting the Perfect Tree

Adding a new tree to one’s property can hold a variety of benefits. This includes adding value to the home and increasing the home’s overall aesthetic. Deciding to plant a new tree can be an exciting process but it’s important to know which kind of tree you are going to plant and how to correctly plant it to secure it lives a long and healthy life.

Purpose of Your Tree

When looking for a new tree it’s important to consider all the factors. This includes knowing what purpose you will want the tree to serve. This can range anywhere between looking for a tree to provide shade, add a decorative touch, or simply to add fruit to your garden!

If you’re thinking of planting a fruit tree in your backyard, there are a variety of benefits that can come from it. By adding just one or two fruit trees it can be easy to manage and maintain. A fruit tree requires lots of air and sunlight to provide the maximum amount of healthy and fully grown fruit! Selecting a dwarf fruit tree is most ideal for home gardeners as it’s simple to care for and provides easy fruit to pick!

Required Maintenance

Now that you have determined the purpose of the tree you would like, it’s time to match it with what kind of maintenance you will be willing to provide it. Each type of tree requires a different kind of upkeep. It’s important to know which kind you are able to handle. If you have a busy schedule picking a tree such as an evergreen requires very minimal maintenance. If you don’t mind spending a little extra time dedicating care for a tree, picking a deciduous tree requires regular care to keep it healthy.

Size of Tree

Knowing where you are going to plant your tree is an important factor when considering how big or small you want it to be. This is an important step in the process because in order to keep it healthy and the surroundings at safety it’s easier to get this step done right the first time. If you’re looking for a decorative tree to add to your garden space consider a tree that is smaller and less upkeep. If you’re looking to fill up space in your backyard, considering a large tree will get the job done.

During this process, it’s extremely important to ensure that there will be no conflicts between any surrounding utility service and your tree. This will avoid any hazardous or unsafe problems in the future. As well, be sure to note not to place the tree to be close to your home where it may grow long branches that will end up hitting your roof or windows in the future.

Property Environment

Understanding what kind of property environment you have will help for choosing the right tree and providing it with the ultimate space to live and grow. All environments consist of a variation of sunlight, rainfall and soil conditions. If your property lacks in any of these categories you should consider a tree that will match it.


Now that you’ve considered what tree will be the best fit for your property, it’s time to plan the proper way to go about planting it. A tree that is not planted or transported properly has an increased rate of suffering and dying. The best time to plant a tree is in the Fall as its mild outside and there is still enough moisture in the air that helps the roots grow.

The first step in this process consists of marking a wide circle where you wish to plant the tree. This can be done by tracing the outline of the truck. Next, you will take the mass formed by the roots (root ball) and place it into the hole you’ve made. As a tip, the hole should be as wide and as deep as your root ball. You want to ensure that you are not planting it too deep as if done the tree will become malnutrition and not be able to start growing.

Following, cover the root ball with some milled soil and add some water in to settle it into position. Once this is done you can add some mulch on top to seal it all in. Before you throw grass down on top wait until the tree roots have properly started to grow in. Now that you have picked the right tree and it is properly planted, you can sit back and watch it grow over the years!

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