5 Ways to Renovate your Backyard on a Budget


The first and last thing many people see when entering your house is the garden. It should be your go to place for relaxing or entertaining but often ends up looking messy and uninspiring. Getting a professional landscaper in to fix it up is brilliant but can be a costly exercise. Rather check out this list of 5 fun and easy ways to renovate your backyard without breaking the bank.

The first step is to clear and clean up. Get rid of everything that should not be there, cut back the scraggly branches, weed the beds and mow the lawn. The lawn is the central feature of your garden and can make or break it. Once that is done, sit, walk around and look at the garden from a variety of vantage points. Having done that, formulate a plan of action. Consider what you want your garden to be used for, factor in the style of the house and obviously be aware of the particular environment of your specific area when deciding on plants.

Let’s get going with some ideas.

1. Add Splashes of Colour

The first step is to add some splashes of colour, especially in the drab, neglected parts of the yard. This can easily be done with a few inexpensive trays of vibrant, flowering annual seedlings for an instant, dramatic effect. You can get plants for sun or shade. For longer lasting results, add a couple of feature perennials that will surprise you year after year. There are some great budget options available and look out for specials from time to time. You could also experiment with ornamental grasses that look great all year around. Play around with different sizes and textures for maximum impact.

Strategically positioned pots and décor can also give you extras colour, leading me into the next tip.

2. Accessorise

Just as with your clothing or home décor, accessories are a low budget means of creating brilliant impact and drama in your garden. Brightly coloured pots and planters overflowing with flowers are great. Paining an old wooden bench or archway is another way to bring new colour into the yard for next to nothing.

3. Water Features

Speaking of accessories, one you garden cannot do without is a water feature. You do not have to go for a massive, elaborate piece, something simple will work perfectly. There are reasonably priced kits that include the pump and are super easy to install. The gentle sounds will relax your mind and body after a long day.

For something easier, you could even go for a simple bird bath.

4. Garden Lighting

Weather permitting; there is nothing nicer than relaxing in a pretty garden at night. According to Lawn Mower Lane, in order to add to the mood and character, invest in a few garden lights. These can range from coloured accent spotlights to fairy lights around the patio. Another great option is to spread a few solar powered lights in different parts of the yard. There are many cost-effective options to choose from and they will look great in the evenings.

Yet another lighting alternative is using candles on both the patio or around the garden. You could even line a path with them for an impressive look on special occasions.

5. Create Pathways

Pathways draw the eye down the garden and create a bit of mystery and intrigue. Clear the area, flatten it and lay down some thick plastic or weed guard. You can then cover it with a choice of gravel, pavers, brick or treated timber.

A few strategically placed groundcovers can help create a natural look to the path and some will even give off a pleasant aroma as you brush past them.

I am sure you are itching to get stuck in and try a few of these ideas. They are all easy and fun to do and will not cost a fortune. Your garden will look dramatically better after a little effort. The best part is, you don’t even need green fingers to implement these ideas.

Happy gardening!

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  1. A bird bath is an excellent idea if done right!

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