Tips for Creating Pressure Treated Wood Deck Storage Box

Deck boxes are placed outside on a patio for extra storage. They are available in different shapes and sizes and are created with plastic as well as concrete materials. If you want to get a deck box for your backyard space, you could build it on your own with just a few trendy tips. If you build a wood deck box, it will be a convenient option for your outdoor storage. You could purchase storage boxes at local hardware stores but creating a wooden deck box will provide you the freedom to size it as you want. You could customize the shape of the deck box as per your specific storage requirement. Moreover this will help to save your precious cash. After building your box, you could paint it for matching the finish on your deck.

The storage boxes help you to keep patio cushions as well as other outdoor accessories. Even if today’s cushions are resilient and resist fading, mildew and mold, they still should be taken care of in a proper way. You could store the patio cushions inside a wood deck storage box so that they could last for a long time with very little maintenance. A storage box helps to protect the outdoor accessories from the elemental forces of nature and use the accessories whenever you need them. If you leave the patio cushions to the whims of the elements, they will become dirty and may get a bit of surface mildew on them. Cleaning the cushions needs a lot of time as you are required to wash them off and let them make dry in the air. In case of stubborn dirt, you are required to scrub it off by your own hand.

Nevertheless if you store the patio cushions within a wood deck storage box, you don't need to worry about them at all. You will see that the cushions will remain as you left them the last time you were outdoors. All the cushions will remain pretty and clean and they will be ready for your guests.

Let's check out the tips for making pressure treated wood deck storage box:

Make arrangement for pressure-treated plywood

Make the arrangement for the two 46-by-25-inch sheets of pressure-treated plywood and the two 23-by-25 inch sheets in a rectangle shape. Let all the 4 boards stand upright on 46 and 23 inch edges and roll the 2 shorter boards in the middle of the ends of the longer ones.

Take someone's help for holding the frame

You should also take someone's help for holding the frame together while driving the 2-inch wood screws through the 46-by-25-inch boards into the smaller boards. While you have finished holding the frame you will have a 4-sided frame for the deck box.

Attach metal corner brace over the corner

Try to attach a 1 1/2-inch brace of metal corner over the corner which is formed by the joint between the 2 side panels. Make adjustment to the position of the brace so it is about 6 inches up from the bottommost portion of the frame of the storage box. Fix the braces into the frame by making use of 3/4-inch wood screws.

Install additional brace from the box top

Install an added brace of about 6 inches down from the topmost portion of the box on the same side. Try to repeat this process for installing 2 braces in all the 4 corners of the frame of the storage chest. The braces will strengthen the storage box walls.

Place pressure treated plywood within the frame

Place the 23-by-44 1/2-by-1-inch pressure-treated plywood sheet within the rectangular frame constructed by you for the bottom panel. All the 4 sides of the panel should flush with the inside edges of the panels. Drive the 2-inch wood screws into the bottom panel for securing it at the right place.

Screw metal corner braces into storage chest

Screw the two 1 1/2-inch braces of metal corner into the bottommost portion of the frame of the storage chest for reinforcing the joints in the middle of the side and bottom panels. Try to fix the braces by making use of 3/4-inch wood screws. Place the braces at about 6 inches from the corners along all the 4 sides at the bottommost portion of the storage box.

Lay plywood sheet for the lid

Place the 47-by-25-by-1-inch pressure-treated plywood sheet flat on the top of the box frame for the lid. Fix two 2-inch metal hinges along the back of the lid by making use of 1-inch wood screws.

Modify the lids to align with the frame

You should adjust the lids so the edges align with the storage box frame. Try to attach the other side of every joint into the rear portion of the box frame with 1-inch screw of wood. You must raise as well as lower the lid for testing the hinges.

Paint the completed deck storage box

Finally you should paint your completed storage chest. After drying the paint, try to apply coatings of clear varnish for protecting the chest from water damage.

Follow these tips and create a patio cushion storage box effectively.

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