How to Resolve UPVC Door Handle Problems?

Are you facing some problems with your UPVC door handle over the last few days? Their are two major problems that are common with door handles, either the issue may be related to unlocking or unlatching or there may be issues with the lock getting stuck in the deadbolt. The spring mechanism may fail inside the lever or lock handle. Screws in the handle might become very tight which will prevent the spring from functioning properly. Here are some steps that you can follow to resolve problems with your UPVC door handle:

door handle

Attempt to remove and clean the door handle

Loosen the screws a bit that hold the door handle to the door. This will help the door handle to turn easily. Then, take the handle off from the door and try to use it while holding the back plate. In case the handle doesn't work as it should, apply some grease to it. This will enable the handle to turn and work freely as it normally does.

On the other hand, if the door latching doesn't shut properly, it could be because of the failure or the spring mechanism inside the lock. To test this issue, take the latch off from the door and press it with your fingers. In case it doesn't spring back or does so slowly, then you will have to replace it.

Remove the spindle

You should use a ruler to measure the length for fixing screws and spindle to make sure that the new handle you install is of correct size. Crop if you need to. Once this is done, replace the spindle. Then, place new external handle within the fixing holes. You can locate them with the help of screw fixing lugs. Make sure that the lever is located in the spindle at 90 degrees. It should be facing away from the door's face to the back hinges. The handle will also be placed on the top of the cylinder. Follow the same process for the internal handle.

Lubricate the cylinder and edges

Make it a point to lubricate the cylinder as well as the edges from where all bolts shoot out into the frame. Once you have applied oil, lift the handle up and down a number of times. If you find a reduction in stiffness as the oil starts working.

Replace the fixing screws

Once both internal and external handles have been aligned, replace both fixing screws. Then, test the door handle so as to make sure that you achieve full cooperation. Once you achieve full cooperation., fully tighten the fixing screws with the help of a screwdriver to complete the installation process.

Close the door and lift the handle

In case you find the handle too stiff while lifting, then the lock is likely to break. This is because the door isn't in line with the frame. UPVC door handles are stiffer to use in the peak of summer or winter as the door expands and then contracts. To resolve this misalignment, you should take the help of a locksmith.

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