Pool Safety Issues and How to Fix Them

poolWith summer well on the way, it’s still not too late to get our swimming gear and get into the pool. Swimming is the best way to spend our time during a hot summer. It is equally important to keep the pool safe and clean to ensure safety and good health.

So, if you own a pool in your backyard, you must be aware of all the complexities and efforts required to maintain it. There’s a lot you need to consider when it comes to the safety of a home pool, both during the season, but in winter as well. In this post, we’ll come up with some suggestions that you may follow in order to improve the safety of your pool, especially when it’s not being used.

Install Pool Fencing

Fencing helps you add an extra layer of safety. A lot of people restrict putting up fences because they don’t want to lose the aesthetic aspect of their house. But it is so important that pool fencing is considered mandatory in Australia.

However, today there is a huge variety of fences available in the market in different colors, material and strength. For example you may even use frameless glass pool fencing, and in that case the fence would be hardly visible. All you need is to pick the right one for your home and protect your pool and children from accidents.

Fencing protects your children from falling into the water accidentally. Also, make sure the fences have self-latching gates. They should be at least 5 feet tall in height. So, if you have small kids at home, then fencing becomes a must have safety tool.

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Pool Door

Do not forget to lock the door leading to the swimming pool when you are not around. Unless and until you’re sure that your kids have the right supervision, do not let anyone get through the door at any point in time. Make a habit of checking and rechecking the gate every time you enter or exit your house.

Safety Covers

If you don’t use your pool often, then it is always advised to put strong safety covers on it. This will not just ensure protection from fatal accidents, but also prevent debris and leaves from falling into the pool, keeping it clean and hygienic. This is especially useful during the off season, as you don’t have to remove the covers for at least half a year.

Pool Alarm

Pool alarms are a great way to prevent accidents, as an alarm starts beeping as soon as someone enters the water. It may be an unpleasant sound, especially when you forget to turn it off and jump into water trying to relax, but it can certainly be a life saver.

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Flotation Devices

Always keep flotation devices near the pool, so that you’re prepared to deal with the accidents. Flotation devices like life saving jackets can be of great help if they are kept near the pool. Also, make sure you instruct everyone on the use of these devices. Everyone who’s entering the swimming pool should also know the exact location where the devices are kept.

Chlorine The Water

It is important to keep the pool water disinfected and clean. If you’re using it regularly, then make sure you keep on changing the water from time to time. Otherwise, when it comes to winter pool maintenance, do not forget to put good amount of chlorine to maintain the PH levels, as well as to keep water hardness in balance.

Maintaining a pool is no child’s play. All you need is to make sure you are doing things the right way and at the right time. It is important to find a balance between the activities going in and around the pool and draw them in favor of your family’s safety. With a little added smartness and timely management, you can enjoy all the benefits of having your own swimming pool and feeling safe in and around it at all times.

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