How to Design a Successful Outdoor Living Space

livingMore people are increasing their area to entertain at home by creating an outdoor living space. Whether you have a balcony at your apartment or a deck in your backyard, there are ways to create an inviting outdoor living area. When you follow a few simple tips, your outdoor living area will be a place you go to unwind and have fun during at least three seasons of the year. Some people who reside in warmer climates enjoy outdoor living all year round.

Measure Your Space

An outdoor living area can be created on the smallest balcony if you measure your space and make the most of it. For example, you could place two chaise lounges on the balcony but then only two people could enjoy the space. An attractive outdoor sectional sofa could maximize the area and provide seating for 4 to 5 guests. Ensure there is room for accents such as an end table for drinks and a bit of life, such as a potted plant. Larger spaces can be equally challenging. You want to fill the area without making it look cluttered or overdone. More is not always better. The key is to provide enough seating with room to walk around and mingle.

Create a Consistent Feeling

When you exit your home, the outdoor living space should blend with your inside decorating scheme. If you have colonial furniture inside and modern furniture outside, it becomes inconsistent. Choose colors and designs that blend well together. This gives your home a pleasant flow so people know what to expect wherever you decide to entertain. If you invest in a simple sofa, use colorful pillows and vases to make it match the decorating scheme you have inside. An outdoor dining area should be comfortable and match the overall vibe of your indoor eating space.

Consider the View

In some situations, you have one outdoor area and you are stuck with a certain view. If you are working with a blank slate or multiple outdoor areas, select the one with the most scenic view. For example, you would choose a section of your yard that overlooks a pond or has mountains in the background as opposed to a spot that overlooks your neighbor’s house. Privacy is another key factor to consider. Try to focus on an area of your yard that has a certain level of privacy. This will make your outdoor gatherings more pleasant because you won’t be worrying about what the neighbors can see or hear. It is also a way to show consideration to the people who live around you.

Try to Include a Covered Area

When you are entertaining outdoors, the weather is an important consideration. Sometimes the sun is hotter than we anticipated. Other times a flash rain storm can put a damper on our outdoor events. Try to include a covered area in your outdoor living design. This is a safe place such as an awning or gazebo where people can go to escape the sun or rain. Sometimes it is not possible but it definitely makes your outdoor living area more versatile. It also prevents people from running indoors with muddy shoes when it starts to rain.

Work Within Your Budget

One of the major reasons why people plan an outdoor living space is to get some time out. It is a perfect place to unwind after spending time indoors at work or school. It is impossible to relax when you spend more than you can afford. Determine your budget for a grill, furniture and building expenses before you create an outdoor living area. Stick to your budget so you stay within your financial comfort zone. Nobody feels relaxed when they sit on furniture that cost too much.

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