What You Need To Know About Summer Sprinkler Repairs

rfetYou spent a lot of money to install your sprinkler system but that does not mean that it will never malfunction. In the past, most people opted to replace their sprinkler systems each time they malfunctioned but that should not be happening today. If the installation of a new sprinkler system sounds expensive to you, you can get sprinkler repair services from many companies in the area. In addition to diagnosing the problem source, a quality company will also complete the repair and maintenance work on your system. That way, they are able to restore the entire system to the previously working condition and to minimize the chances of any future repairs.

Contrary to what you might think, sprinkler repair is not a simple service that only takes a little time. During the repair, your presence might not be necessary because the technicians will do most of the sprinkler repair work outside your home. In other words, you will rest easy knowing that sprinkler service’s technicians are somewhere outside your home doing the repair work with professionalism.

Why sprinkler repair is better than new installation

Your sprinkler system is complex and might include a timer, various pipes, and sprinkler heads. A new sprinkler system will cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Furthermore, you should expect more damages on your yard associated with removing the old system and installing a new one. Any sprinkler system installed on your yard should help maintain a great look for your yard regardless of the season. Each time you dig up an old sprinkler system to install a new one; you end up damaging the yard. That is counterproductive and can highly affect the appearance of your yard.

Why you should not repair your sprinkler system the do-it-yourself way

In fact, you can install your irrigation system the do-it-yourself way and use supplies from a local store to do the repair work. Most technicians also use the supplies. However, parts alone will not repair things right and the system is likely to break again. That is the main reason why homeowners who have seen the big picture rely on technicians for the repair work. They repair systems on a daily basis and they can therefore easily see the small subtle problems that you will possibly miss. What’s more, your system will last for a longer time if you engage the qualified people.

Some common sprinkler problems

Sprinkler repair comes with a wide range of problems. However, most of the common problems occur on the sprinkler head. The heads and T-connectors may clog up, break off and become tweaked with the land movements depending on how you installed the lines in the first place. When your sprinkler system has issues, it can mean a lot of work, particularly at the joints with little connecting materials to the adjacent pipes. That is the primary reason why experience starts to matter. Actually, pipe and sprinkler breaks will never occur when the outside conditions are nice. They only occur when the temperature changes are miserable outside or when you have applied forceful pressure on them.

The common sprinkler system repair services

The repair might include redoing the design and layout of an existing sprinkler system. Newer systems are known to spread water more efficiently. A qualified technician will replace your failing system with a new one that is likely to exist for over 20 years without problems. That will include overhauling old systems and addressing or replacing the following:

  • Sprinkler valve repair
  • Sprinkler nozzle replacement or repair
  • Repairing the sprinkler heads or relocating them
  • Sprinkler pipe repair
  • Sprinkler controller repair and replacement
  • Correcting any underground leaks
  • Installing new sprinkler control timers and boxes
  • Rewiring the valves
  • Replacing sprinkler wires
  • Rebuilding cracked or damaged manifolds

With a properly maintained sprinkler system, you should expect lower water bills and better water consumption. That is the result of work performed by sprinkler repair technicians. The technicians know the right parts and equipment to use for better results. From the heads, to valves, to controller connections, to the output sprinkler head tuning, the technicians will make a huge difference in your finished landscape. And if you desire a specific brand, they will make that possible without problems.

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